Vigier 2000 Symposium



Gravitation and Cosmology:
From the Hubble Radius to the Planck Scale.
A Symposium in Celebration of
The 80th Birthday of Jean-Pierre Vigier


" ...maybe we should not try to quantize gravity. Is it possible that gravity is not quantized and
all the rest of the world is?...Now the postulate defining quantum mechanical behavior is that there
is an amplitude for different processes. It cannot be that a particle which is described by an amplitude,
such as an electron, has an interaction which is not described by an amplitude but by a
seems that it should be impossible to destroy the quantum nature of fields. In spite of these arguments,
we should like to keep an open mind. It is still possible that quantum theory does not absolutely
guarantee that gravity has to be quantized" R.P. Feynman,1962, Lectures on Gravitation.

" ...the right hand side includes all that cannot be described so far in the Unified Field Theory, of course, not for a fleeting moment, have I had any doubt that such a formulation is just a temporary answer, undertaken to give General Relativity some closed expression. This formulation has been in essence nothing more than the theory of the gravitational field which has been separated in a somewhat artificial manner from the unified field of a yet unknown nature" Albert Einstein.


Mon - Fri, August 21 - 25, 2000
University of California
Berkeley, CA USA


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  • Banquet
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    Scientific Program

    The scientific program will include invited and contributed lectures and poster presentations
    concerned with the topic of Microgravitation and Cosmology. These include:

    • Non-locality and Quantum Measurement.
    • Small-scale gravity vs Quantum Gravity; Can Gravitons be Detected?
    • Sub-millimeter Dimensions, Compactification, and String Theory.
    • Spinors, Spin Foam, and Fundamental Space-time Geometry.
    • Extending the Standard Models of Quantum Theory and Cosmology.
    • Quantum Teleportation, EPR Models and the Nature of Non-locality.
    • Vacuum Zero Point Fluctuations, Inertia and Gravitation.
    • The Wheeler/Feynman/Cramer/Chu Absorber Theory of Radiation.
    • The Enigmatic Photon; Propagation, Mass Anisotropy and the Proca Equation.
    • The Continuous State Universe: Post Steady-state Cosmology.
    • The Nature of Time; Times Arrow, and the Origin of the Constant c.
    • DeBroglie/Bohm & Everett: Pilot Waves and Quantum Potentials.
    • Sagnac Photon Interferometry and Gravitation.
    • Obviating the Big Bang?.
      (by special request of J-P Vigier)
    • Related Topics.

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    General Information

    The International Organizing Committee:

    • R.L. Amoroso, Physics Lab, The Noetic Institute, USA - Chairman.
    • B. Haisch,Solar & Astrophysics Laboratory,Lockheed Martin,Palo Alto,USA
    • B. Hiley,Theoretical Physics Research Unit,Birkbeck College,London,UK.
    • G. Hunter, Chemistry Department, York University, Canada - Coorganizer.
    • S. Jeffers, Department of Physics & Astronomy, York University, Canada - Coorganizer.
    • M. Kafatos, Center for Earth Observation & Space Research,George Mason Univ.,USA - Coorganizer.
    • C. Levit, NASA Ames Research Center, Molecular Nanotechnology Group, Moffet Field, CA USA.
    • M. Moles,Instituto de Mathematicas y Fisica, Spain .
    • J. Narlikar,Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics,India.
    • S. Roy, Indian Statistical Institute, Calculta, India.
    • A. Rueda, California State University, Dept. of Electrical Engineering,USA.
    • A. van der Merwe, Physics Department, University of Denver, USA.
    • J-P. Vigier, Gravitation et Cosmologie Relativistes, Pierre et Marie Curie Universite, Paris VI, France

      Program Committee:

      • F. Pallikari, University of Athens, Physics Department, Greece.
      • A. Rueda, California State University, Dept. of Electrical Engineering,USA.
      • R. Amoroso, Physics Lab, The Noetic Institute - Physics Lab, USA.
      • B. Haisch, CIPA, USA.
      • G. Hunter, Department of Chemistry, York Univ, Canada.

        Keynote Speakers:

        • 1. Jean-Pierre Vigier
        • 2. Jayant Narlikar
        • 3. Wolfgang Rindler
        • 4. Bo Lehnert


      General Information

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    The meetings will take place at the UC Berkeley campus, located in the Eastern part of Berkeley and stretching from the head of University Avenue into the Berkeley hills. Local tourist attractions include The Lawrence Hall of Science, Jack London Square Waterfront, Muir Woods, The Golden Gate Bridge and many others.

    Telephone Enquiries: 510.832.6059
    Fax: 510.832.6059 *51



    How to Get from Oakland & San Francisco International Airport to Berkeley

    The San Francisco International Airport is about 40 min away from the campus by car or taxi. The Oakland Airport is about 20 minutes away. Both airports are accessable by quick inexpensive public transportation - the BART train. 1. Get Change at the Airport ($1 bills and some coins); you will need it to buy bus and train tickets. 2. From the San Francisco International Airport take a BX bus to the closest BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit - "METRO") station at COLMA; the bus fare is $1.10 (as of June 2000); have exact change as the driver does not give change - if you only have a $20 bill it will cost you $20! - you have to put your own coins/note in a machine on the bus as you enter. The BX bus runs on a frequent schedule (called a Shuttle) every 10-15 minutes. The journey time from the Airport to COLMA is about 15 minutes. 3. At the COLMA BART station purchase a ticket (from a ticket vending machine) - again you need exact change to avoid paying too much; check the fare (on the map) to Downtown Berkeley (fare $3.05 in June-2000). COLMA is at the end of the San Francisco BART line; Board the first train to depart; if this is bound for RICHMOND you do not have to change, but if you board a train bound for Pittsburg/Bay Point change at Oakland City Center/12th-street and wait for a RICHMOND bound train. Trains run frequently (at least one every 15 minutes); Journey time of the train will be about half-an-hour. 4. From the Berkeley BART station you may want to take a taxi especially if you have much luggage; otherwise take the University of California Shuttle bus (fare $0.25). Go to your hotel or to the Faculty Club on Campus where the Symposium is being held. The Downtown Berkeley BART station is at the southern end of the Campus; walking time to the Faculty Club is 10-15 minutes.

    • Arrival: afternoon, Saturday, August 19, 2000, or Sunday, August 20.
    • Departure: Friday, August 25.
    • Flights from/to Europe usually arrive/depart Oakland/SF in the late afternoon/early evening.
    • Participants coming a long way may wish to arrive before August 19and /or to leave after August 27 - to take advantage of cheaper airline tickets and/or to leave more time for sightseeing.


    Registration Information

    • Registration Fees: The registration fee for participants is US$175 not including a copy of the Proceedings - to be published by Kluwer Academic Publishers (after the conference). Additional papers will be published in a special issue of the Noetic Journal. This standard fee applies up to June 30, 2000.
    • Late Registration: registrations received after June 30, 2000 are subject to the late registration fee of US$195.00.
    • The registration fee for non-particpating companions is US$35 (same fee for standard and late registration).
      To register, please complete the attached registration form and return it to the Conference Coordinator at the address indicated with the appropriate registration fee. Fees may be paid by check or credit card: Visa, MC or AMEX.
    • Registrations sent by FAX will be accepted providing the fee is received within 21 days.
      The appropriate fee (standard or late) will correspond with the date of the Fax .
      Fax registrations that are not confirmed by receipt of the fee within 21 days will be cancelled.

    Registration Form


    Gravitation and Cosmology:
    From the Hubble Radius to the Planck Scale - And Beyond?

    University of California, Berkeley
    Mon - Fri, August 21 - August 25, 2000

    Name _________________________________
    Mailing Address
    Street _________________________________
    Country_______________Postal code________
    Fax: ___________________________________
    Electronic Mail: __________________________

    I plan to present a paper: Yes____ No____
    Tentative Title: ___________________________

    One page abstracts must be received by July 1, 2000.



    Arrival Date:__________________

    Departure Date:_____________________

    Fees Payable:
    Registration: $________

    Housing: Check Berkeley Housing website & make arrangements with hotel of choice

    Banquet Tickets: No.___ x $45 = $________

    Wednesday Excursion: No.___ x $28 = $________

    TOTAL Fees US$________

    Enclosed is a check _____or money order _____

    Credit Card No. (MC, Visa or AMEX)_______________________X Date__________

    Make Checks payable to "Vigier2K Symposium".

    or for Fax Registration Only :
    Fee will arrive within 21 days ________

    or Mail to:
    Dr. R.L. Amoroso,
    The Noetic Institute - Physics Lab
    610 16th Street MS 506
    Oakland, CA 94612-1229 USA

    or FAX your registraton and/or abstract to 510.832.6059 *51. Line is available 24 hours, everyday.

    or E-mail your registration to



    • On campus .
    • Hotels: there are modern motels within 5-10 minutes of the campus by car/taxi.
      Hotel accomodations must be made with the hotel, and must arrange their own transportation between the hotel and campus.
    • Clairmont Resort Hotel: Tel: 510.843.3000
    • Durant Hotel: Tel: 1.800.2DURANT
    • Bancroft Hotel:
      Tel: 510.549.1000
    • UCB Faculty Club: Tel: 510.540.5678, or 642.1993, Fax 510.540.6204
      Approx.Rate: From US$59.00 to $110.00 single or double: Space is limited; reserve early

      Mention the UC Berkeley Vigier 2000 conference when booking hotel accomodation to get these preferential rates.






    The Wednesday evening banquet will be a San Francisco Bay dinner cruise.

    Order your banquet tickets on the Reservation Form: $45 per person including wine.
    Special & Vegetarian Menus available on Request.


    Wednesday Excursion

    On the afternoon of wednesday Aug.23th there will be an excursion by motor-coach to Miur Woods National Redwood Forest. Departure from the Campus will be just after noon, and Return to the campus will be in time
    for the banquet. Book seats on the coach on the Registration form.


    Tuesday Evening Reception

    A reception will be held for participants and their guests to meet each other on tuesday evening, August 22. The Reception will be held in the Faculty Club, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

    Amenities and Climate

    In August the Berkeley climate is warm to hot (65 to 100 degrees Farenheit in the day), with mostly
    sunny days, but sometimes with morning fog from the San Francisco bay.

    UC Berkeley has a full range of sports and athletic facilities: tennis courts, squash courts, a
    swimming pool, etc. Guest athetic passes are available for per diem fees, price depending on the
    facilities required.

    Smoking Policy on Campus

    Smoking is not permitted inside any of the Campus buildings. Guests who wish to smoke may do so
    in the spacious grounds of the Campus.