4th Vigier Symposium

Papers may still be accepted after Sept 1st; but may not appear on program until arrival in Paris
I will be in Paris from 9 Sept on; & no updates to web may occur after 8th unless I learn how to do that from France;
but I will check email at least once per day and be thus available...

Don't forget, those arriving by Saturday - (7 to 9 PM) wine & Cheese etc in Dept. Library Tour 22, etage 4,
take elevator or stairs to 4th floor & follow signs (get off Paris Metro at Jussieu)

The Conference meeting Hall will be Amphi 41A


The Search For Unity In Physics.
A Symposium in Celebration of
The 83rd Birthday of Mathematical Physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier


" ...the right hand side includes all that cannot be described so far in the Unified Field Theory, of course, not for a fleeting moment, have I had any doubt that such a formulation is just a temporary answer, undertaken to give General Relativity some closed expression. This formulation has been in essence nothing more than the theory of the gravitational field which has been separated in a somewhat artificial manner from the unified field of a yet unknown nature" Albert Einstein.


Mon - Fri, September 15th - 19th, 2003
Pierre et Marie Curie Universite
Paris, VI, France


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  • General Information
  • Transportation
  • Registration Information
  • Accomodations
  • Banquet
  • Excursion
  • Reception
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    Scientific Program

    The scientific program will include invited and contributed lectures and poster presentations
    concerned with the topic Unification in Physics. These include:

    • The unification of electromagnetism and gravitation
    • The Unification of gravity and quantum theroy
    • Dirac domain gravity - extended theory suggests gravitation is not quantized at its most fundamental level.
    • Quantum Gravity ?
    • Inertia, Mach’s principle
    • Fundamentals and dynamics of the zero-point field
    • Extended particle and electromagnetic theory
    • The quantum potential and pilot wave
    • The fundamental nature of space and time
    • Nonlocality type I - spatial ; nonlocality type II - temporal ; nonlocality type III - unitarity
    • The nature of light, Einstein’s « nadelstralhung » and its propagation
    • Advanced EPR experimentation and theory
    • Vacuum techologies - theory and engineering
    • Nature of time : the nature of physical reality. Is Plato’s cave a correspondence limit ?
    • Compactification and dimensionality
    • The megaverse - post big bang cosmolgy and pertinant astrophysics.
    • T.O.E. or not T.O.E. ?
    • Causality and teleology : could a post Bigbang universe be a self-organized conscious universe?
    • Quantum gravity(do gravitons exist?)
    • The zero point field, and energy from the vacuum.
      (by special request of J-P Vigier)
    • Related Topics.

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    General Information

    The International Organizing Committee:

    • R.L. Amoroso, Physics Lab, The Noetic Advanced Studies Institute, USA - Chairman.
    • Bo Lehnert, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden - Co-chairman
    • Basil Hiley,Theoretical Physics Research Unit,Birkbeck College,London,UK.
    • Geoffrey Hunter, Chemistry Department, York University, Canada.
    • Stanley Jeffers, Department of Physics & Astronomy, York University, Canada.
    • M. Moles,Instituto de Mathematicas y Fisica, Spain .
    • Jayant Narlikar,Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics,India.
    • Harold Puthoff, Advanced Studies Institute, Texas, USA
    • Wolfgang Rindler, Department of Physics, University of Denver, USA
    • Alphonso Rueda, California State University, Dept. of Electrical Engineering,USA.
    • Alwyn van der Merwe, Physics Department, University of Denver, USA.
    • J-P Vigier, Gravitation et Cosmologie Relativistes, Pierre et Marie Curie Universite, Paris VI, France

    Local Organizing Committee:

    • Richard L. Amoroso, The Noetic Advanced Studies Institute
    • Bo Lehnert, Royal Institute of Technology
    • Jean-Pierre Vigier, Gravitation et Cosmologie Relativistes, Paris VI
    • Philippe Tourenc, Paris VI Academic Sponsor
    • Robert Kiehn, St Martin de Riberac, France

    Keynote Speakers:

    • 1. Richard L. Amoroso
    • 2. Nils Abramson
    • 3. Bo Lehnert
    • Plenary Speakers:

    • 1. Michael Ibison
    • 2. Valeri Dvoeglasov - Pending
    • 3. Peter Rolands
    • 4. Dave Delphenich

    The meetings will take place at Pierre et Marie Curie Universite, Paris VI.

    For more info and pictures of Jussieu University go to http://www.admp6.jussieu.fr

    E-mail: cerebroscopic@mindspring.com
    Conference URL:http://www.mindspring.com/~cerebroscopic

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    How to Get to Jussieu Paris VI from Orly & Aeroport CDG

    The Orly Airport is about 30 min away from the campus by RER, car, taxi, Orlybus or Paris Metro. Aeroport CDG is about 1 hour away by a combination of RER B, bus and Paris Metro. 1. RER tickets from CDG are available at the airport and cost about 7 Euro each way. 2. From the Orly International Airport take an Orlybus or RER to the Denfert Rochereau Metro station. Take line 6 four stops toward Nation and switch at place d'itali to line 7. Go four stops in the la Courneuve direction to Jussieu. 3. Metro maps can be found at information booths at the airport. 4. Metro tickets are a little over 1 Euro each, but about .80E if bought in groups of ten. Many other options are available.

    • Arrival: afternoon, Saturday, September 13th, 2003, or Sunday, September 14th.
    • Departure: Friday, September, 19th.
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    Registration Information

    • Registration Fees: The registration fee for participants is 175E including a copy of the Proceedings - to be published by Kluwer Academic Publishers (after the conference).
    • Late Registration: registrations received after August 30, 2003 are subject to the late registration fee of 195.00E.
    • The registration fee for non-particpating companions is US$35 (same fee for standard and late registration).
      To register, please complete the attached registration form and return it to the Conference Coordinator at the address indicated with the appropriate registration fee. Fees may be paid by check or credit card: Visa, MC or AMEX.
    • (Cash in Euro or US$, will also be accepted for on site registration)
    • Registrations sent by FAX will be accepted providing the fee is received within 21 days.
      The appropriate fee (standard or late) will correspond with the date of the Fax .
      Fax registrations that are not confirmed by receipt of the fee within 21 days will be cancelled.

    Registration Form


    The Search For Unity In Physics
    A Symposium in Honor of the 83rd Birthday of J-P Vigier?

    Universite Paris VI, Jussieu, France
    Mon - Fri, September 15 - September 19, 2003

    Name _________________________________
    Mailing Address
    Street _________________________________
    Country_______________Postal code________
    Fax: ___________________________________
    Electronic Mail: __________________________

    I plan to present a paper: Yes____ No____
    Tentative Title: ___________________________

    One page abstracts must be received by September 5th, 2003.



    Arrival Date:__________________

    Departure Date:_____________________

    Fees Payable:
    Registration: $________

    Housing: Check Paris-Hotels website & make arrangements with hotel of choice

    Site is searchable by location and price.

    Banquet Tickets: No.___ x $xx = $________

    Excursion: No.___ no conference charge

    TOTAL Fees US$________

    Enclosed is a check _____or money order _____

    Credit Card No. (MC, Visa or AMEX)_______________________X Date__________

    Make Checks payable to "Vigier 2003 Symposium".

    or for Fax Registration Only :
    Fee must arrive within 21 days ________

    or Mail to:
    Dr. R.L. Amoroso,
    The Noetic Advanced Studies Institute - Physics Lab
    120 Village Square MS 49
    Orinda, CA 94563-2502 USA

    or FAX your registraton and/or abstract to 510.524.8085 (Albany, CA USA) Line is available 24 hours, everyday.

    or E-mail your registration to cerebroscopic@mindspring.com


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    • Hotels: There are modern motels within 5-10 minutes walk to campus also by car/taxi,Bus/Metro.
      Hotel accomodations must be made with the hotel of choice, and attendees must arrange their own transportation between the hotel and campus. Many can be found at http://www.parishotels.com/ searchable by price and arrondissement (VI for Jussieu)

    • Hotel Tolbiac (13eme)email: info@hotel-tolbiac.com rooms begin at 20E;
    • Hotel Lebrun
      Tel: 01 47 07 97 02 rooms begin at 35E
    • Hotel des Allies Tel: 01 43 31 47 52 rooms begin at 42E
    • Hotel Familia Tel: 01 43 54 55 27 rooms begin at 73.50E breakfast incl.
    • Other hotels in (13eme, lower price) are Hotels: Veronese, 01 47 07 20 90; Manet, 01 45 86 35 99;
      Neptune, 01 42 16 92 93; des Arts, 01 47 07 76 32; des Alpes, 01 42 16 92 93

    • Rates: Hotel Rates are From Euro 20.00 to several hundred single or double: Space is limited;
      reserve early from 2 months prior



    Arrangements for The Thursday evening banquet will be made available in Paris



    On Thursday afternoon of there will be an excursion to Chateau Versailles.
    There is no advance charge for the excursion. We will travel as a group by RER. RER tickets are about 4E each way. Grounds of the Chateau are free with a modest entry fee to the buildings and museum.


    Saturday Evening Reception

    A wine and cheese reception will be held for all participants. The Reception will be held in the library of the Gravitation and Cosmolgy Dept. Tour 22, 4 etage, beginning at 7:00 p.m. (7 to 9 PM) Saturday Sept 13th. Please RSVP

    Amenities and Climate

    In September the Paris climate is mild and temperatures can range from 15 to 25 degrees C.
    Typically sunny days, but sometimes with overcast.

    LAST MODIFIED September 7, 2003

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