The Physics of Reality: Space, Time, Matter, Cosmos 2012


Joint Meeting:


The Physics of Reality:
Space, Time, Matter, Cosmos

The Davidson Building, BCS, 1st Floor


VIGIER VIII - BCS Joint Meeting
The Physics of Reality: Space, Time, Matter, Cosmos

A Symposium Honouring
Mathematical Physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier
with the
BRITISH COMPUTER SOCIETY (BCS) Cybernetics Machine Group


" ...the right hand side includes all that cannot be described so far in the Unified Field Theory, of course, not for a fleeting moment, have I had any doubt that such a formulation is just a temporary answer, undertaken to give General Relativity some closed expression. This formulation has been in essence nothing more than the theory of the gravitational field which has been separated in a somewhat artificial manner from the unified field of a yet unknown nature" Albert Einstein.

"...maybe nature is trying to tell us something new here, maybe we should not try to quantize gravity... Is it possible that gravity is not quantized and all the rest of the world is?" Richard Feynman

"I am standing on the threshold about to enter a room. It is a complicated business. In the first place I must shove against an atmosphere pressing with a force of fourteen pounds on every square inch of my body. I must be sure to land on a plank traveling at twenty miles a second around the sun --a fraction of a second too early or too late, and the plank would be miles away. I must do this while hanging from a round planet, head outward into space and with a wind of aether blowing no one knows how many miles a second through every interstice of my body. The plank has no solidity of substance. To step on it is like stepping on a swarm of flies. Shall I not slip through? No, if I make the venture one of the flies hits me and gives a boost up again; I fall again and am knocked upward by another fly; and so on. I may hope that the net result will be that I remain about steady; but if unfortunately I should slip through the floor or be boosted too violently up to the ceiling, the occurrence would not be a violation of the laws of Nature, but a rare coincidence. These are some of the minor difficulties. I ought really to look at the problem four-dimensionally as concerning the intersection of my world-line with tat of the plank. Then again it is necessary to determine in which direction the entropy of the world is increasing in order to make sure that my passage over the threshold is an entrance, not an exit. Verily, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a scientist to pass through a door." --Sir Arthur Eddington, The Nature of the Physical World, 1928


Wed August 15th - SAT August 18th, 2012 London, UK
Chairmen Profs. Richard L. Amoroso, Peter Rowlands & Peter Marcer


  • Scientific Program
  • General Information
  • Transportation
  • Registration Information
  • Accomodations
  • Banquet
  • Excursion
  • Reception
  • Amenities and Climate
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    Scientific Program

    The scientific program will include invited and contributed lectures
    concerned with the topic "Search For Fundamental Theory"
    Topics include:

    • Electromagnetism and gravitation
    • Gravitation and quantum mechanics
    • Dirac domain gravity - extended theory suggests gravitation is not quantized at its fundamental level
    • Do gravitons exist?
    • Mach’s Principle - Inertia

    • Quantum mechanics and the nature of time
    • Superluminal tunneling time
    • Interaction free measurement
    • Aharanov-Bohm Effect
    • The Dirac equation; the Dirac Sea
    • Quantum potential and pilot wave
    • Nonlocality: Type I - spatial; Type II - temporal; Type III - unitarity
    • Advanced EPR experimentation and theory
    • Quantum computing

    • Fundamentals and dynamics of the zero-point field
    • Energy from the vacuum
    • Vacuum technologies - theory and engineering

    • Entropy and the second law

    • Fundamental nature of space, time, and particles
    • Fundamental nature of space and time
    • Nature of time: The nature of physical reality. Is Plato's cave a correspondence limit?
    • Compactification and dimensionality
    • Complex dimensionality
    • Extended particle and EM theory
    • Nature of light, Einstein's "nadelstrahlung" and its propagation
    • Photon mass, tired- light, the EM B(3) field
    • Alternatives to the Higgs mechanism
    • Astrophysics and cosmology
    • Large scale XD and cosmological constant
    • The Multiverse - post Big Bang cosmology and pertinent astrophysics
    • Causality and teleology: Could a post Big Bang universe be a self-organized anthropic multiverse?
    • M theory, the string vacuum, duality, mirror symmetry
    • T.O.E. or not T.O.E. ?


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    General Information

    The International Organizing / Program Committee:

    • R.L. Amoroso, Physics, Director, Noetic Advanced Studies Institute, USA - Chairman.
    • Peter Rowlands, Physicist, University of Liverpool, London, UK - Chairman.
    • Bo Lehnert, Physicist, Alfven Laboratory, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.
    • Horst Eckardt, Director, AIAS, General Physics & ECS Theory, Germany.
    • Elizabeth A. Rauscher, Nuclear/Particle Physics, Tecnic Research Labs, USA
    • Salvatore Giandinoto, Quantum Chemistry, Quantum Physics, Noetic Advanced Studies Institute, USA
    • Alwyn van der Merwe, Physics Department, University of Denver, USA
    • Stanley Jeffers, Physicist, York University, Canada
    • Jean E. Burns, Physicist, Noetic Advanced Studies Institute, USA
    • Louis H. Kauffman, Mathematics - knot theory, University of Illinois Chicago, USA
    • Michael Ibison, Physicist, Institute for Advanced Studies Austin, USA
    • Christo Christov, Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA
    • Josee R. Croca, Physicist, University of Lisbon, Portugal
    • Alex Hankey, Physicist, SVYASA & IAIM, India
    • John Dainton, Particle Physicist, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

    Local Organizing Committee:

    • Peter Rowlands, University of Liverpool, London, UK - Cochairman
    • Peter Marcer, British Computer Society (BCS) - Cochairman
    • Jeremy Dunning-Davies, Physicist, University of Hull, UK
    • John Dainton, Particle Physicist, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

    Keynote Speakers:

    • 1. Louis H. Kauffman
    • 2. John Dainton
    • 3. Walter Schempp
    • BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building,

      Meetings will take place at The Davidson Building
      (BCS Auditorium 1st Floor)
      5 Southampton Street, London, UK

      For more info and pictures of the college go to

      Conference URL:

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      How to Get to Southhampton St from London Airports
      Nearby tube stations include Covent Garden, Charing Cross and Embankment
      Southampton St is just off the Strand, near The Savoy Hotel
      It's also very close to Covent Garden Piazza, (which is a place most will enjoy visiting).
      For maps and detailed travel information go to:

      The closest Airport is Heathrow Airport
      1. Metro maps can be found at information booths at the airport.
      2. Many other options are available.
      3. For those on a budjet see - Mixed Dorms as low as 10 Pounds per night.

      • Arrival: afternoon, Tuesday, August 14th, 2012.
      • Departure: Sunday, August, 19th, 2012.

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      Registration Information

      • Registration Fees: The registration fee for participants is 200 Pounds Sterling; Additional copies of the Proceedings are available for 70 PS- to be published (after the conference).
      • Late Registration: registrations received after August 9th, 2012 are subject to the late registration fee of 50.00 PS.
      • The registration fee for non-particpating companions is 30PS (same fee for standard and late registration).
        To register, please complete the attached registration form and return it to the Conference Coordinator at the address indicated with the appropriate registration fee. Fees may be paid by check made out to "Vigier 2010 Symposium" or by wire transfer
      • (Cash equivalence in Euros, Pounds Sterling or US$, will also be accepted for on site registration)
      • Registrations will be accepted by email providing the fee is received within 15 days before symposium.
        The appropriate fee (standard or late) will corresponing with the email date.
        Registrations that are not confirmed by receipt of the fee within 15 days will be cancelled.

      Registration Form


      The Physics of Reality
      BCS - J-P Vigier Symposium

      London, UK
      Wed - Sat, August 15th to 18th, 2012

      Name _________________________________
      Mailing Address
      Street _________________________________
      Country_______________Postal code________
      Fax: ___________________________________
      Electronic Mail: __________________________

      I plan to present a paper: Yes____ No____
      Tentative Title: ___________________________

      One page abstracts must be received by August 8th, 2012 to insure posting.



      Arrival Date:__________________

      Departure Date:_____________________

      Fees Payable:
      Registration: Pounds Sterling________

      Housing: see sites below

      Site is searchable by location and price.

      Banquet Tickets: No.___ x PS 40.00 = PS________

      Excursion: No.___ no conference charge

      TOTAL Fees Pounds Sterling PS________

      Enclosed is a check _____or money order _____

      Make Checks payable to "Vigier 2010 Symposium".

      or for Fax Registration Only :
      Fee must arrive within 21 days ________

      or Mail completed form and international check in British Pound equivalent to:
      Prof. Peter Rowlands,
      University of Liverpool - Physics Dept.
      Oliver Lodge Laboratory
      Oxford St., Liverpool, L69 7ZE Uited Kingdom

      or E-mail your registration to



      There are four pieces of information that must be included in every transfer.
      1) The Bank account name (SAME AS 2010)
      2) The IBAN number
      3) The SWIFT code or IBAN BIC
      4) The address of the bank
      5 Oxford Street, Liverpool
      L7 7HL, UK

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      • HOTELS:
        HotelsCombined™ - International Conference Support Program provides a price comparison search engine
        and offers a 10% rebate to all participants attending the BCS - VIGIER Symposium.
        For further information on their conference rebate program and to claim your rebate directly please visit:

        You can start searching for your preferred hotel in London here:

        Lodging Options

        Hotel accomodations must be made with the hotel of choice, and attendees must arrange their own transportation between the hotel and symposium.
        To register for an Imperial College dormatory, (hurry, limited availability) go to:

        Inexpensive Hostels are also available, go to
        and search for Hostels in the Kensington / Covent Garden or nearby Districts:

        Also many inexpensive Hotels are available:
        Many can be found at searchable by price and district (Kensington)



      Arrangements for The August 17th evening banquet will be made available in London



      On XXX day afternoon August XXX there will be an excursion (TBA)
      There is no advance charge for the excursion.


      Tuesday Evening Reception

      INFORMAL RECEPTION (Change of venue) to "ROYAL NATIONAL HOTEL BAR" 7 To 9 PM Tuesday, 14TH
      Theree is no complementary drink or snacks by symposium; just a chance to get togeter
      Only one public bar. Don't have to go into hotel to get to it.
      The Royal National Hotel website is
      From Bedford Way side, go into courtyard & can see it on other side.
      If approach from other side (can't remember street name), it is on the street,
      on the left hand side. From Russell Square station you turn immediate left,
      and then right at the main traffic lights. It's about 100-200 yards (metres) along on the left.

      No need to RSVP, just show up

      Amenities and Climate

      In August the London climate is very warm and temperatures can range from 20 to 36 degrees C.
      Often sunny days, but sometimes with overcast or rain.
      It is always best to have an umbrella.

      LAST MODIFIED August 6th, 2012

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