E-Mail App

You can check your e-mail from anywhere. Requires a JDK 1.1-compliant browser. If you had a Java-capable web browser, you would see an applet here.

I wrote this applet to learn more about JDK 1.1 while creating something useful for others to use. I often do consulting work, so contact me if you are starting an interesting project and need help.

Using the E-mail applet

This applet should be useful if you often roam from computer to computer but need to access the same POP e-mail account. By allowing you to save your configuration and mail folders on an FTP server, this applet eliminates the need for a local hard drive. In other words, this is an e-mail client for a network-centric environment.

In order to check your e-mail, you'll need to know the name of the POP-3 server where you get your mail, as well as your user name and password. Your Internet service provider or network administrator will have this information. This information can be entered on the Configuration tab.

To send outgoing e-mail, you need to fill in the name of your SMTP server. Again, find this information from your current setup, your ISP, or your network administrator.

For those of you without Java, here's a screen capture of what you're missing:


This applet is over 600k, so it takes a while to download.

You'll need a web browser which supports JDK 1.1 to view this applet. Web browsers which support JDK 1.1 include:

Some browsers don't support JDK 1.1, such as:

Links and other useful tidbits

The source code should be interesting to Java developers, as it includes Java Beans for SMTP, POP and FTP. Unless you're using JBuilder, you'll need the JAR file to compile the program. The JAR file contains classes for which I'm not allowed to distribute the source.

This program was written with Borland's excellent JBuilder Client/Server development environment. Commercial licenses are available.

My home page includes links to information about me, including my other Java applets.

If you have any comments, let me hear them! Bug reports, features and suggestions to: