The Mandelbrot Set

Try the JDK 1.1 Version of this Applet

If you were using a Web browser with Java, you could explore the Mandelbrot set here. 

This is a little applet I wrote that lets you explore the Mandelbrot set. The Mandelbrot set is a type of infinitely complex mathematical object known as a fractal. No matter how much you zoom in, there is still more to see. There are many strange and beautiful sights to see when you explore the Mandelbrot set, ranging from the sublime to the psychedelic.

In my applet, you can set the area you want to zoom in on by holding down the mouse button and dragging on the picture. You can also set the coordinates that you want to look at in the four text boxes. Press "Zoom In" when you are satisfied with the bounds you want to see. For instance, try changing "Xmax" to 1.1 and then click on "Zoom In." The program runs much faster if your computer has a floating point math processor such as that found in the Intel Pentium. You might try setting the size to "Small" until you find an interesting area and then have a look at the "Big" version. Also note that this applet seems to stop all other processing in Netscape, but looks OK with Sun's appletviewer. The Solaris version of Netscape won't run this applet at all, at least as of version 2.0b6.

JDK 1.1 Version

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