The Robot Battle of Dragon*Con 1997

 Every year Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia hosts a robot battle where robotic contestants duke it out for supremacy. The object is to create a robot which will immobilize its opponent or knock it off the table.

In 1997 entered a robotic contestant, the Tunabomber. I feel pleased with my first-year performance even though I didn't go home with first place.

There will be more to come, including robot building tips, contest info, and so on. We hope to have more contestants next year.

In the meantime, check the Dragon*Con page, and the Robot Wars page. They have a photo gallery which includes their own snapshots from the robot battle.

If you can help with the names below, or if you have additional comments, please e-mail I want more photos and videos! I have no video yet. If you have video or photos, please let me know!

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My first battle!
People (Left to right): Me (partially cut off), Mark Fingerman (I think that's his name), Kelly Lockhart (the MC), my opponent Steven Prescott.
Robots: The big pink thing is the Tunabomber, my robot. The blue bucket is Pins-n-Rubberbands. I won this one, winning two falls in a row.
Photo courtesy of  Tom Keeling.
Wedgie vs. Evil Cube the Third
People (Left to right): Jamie, someone in black, Kelly Lockhart, a photographer (I want his photos, so if anyone can identify this person, let me know!), one of the Evil Cube guys..
Robots:  Wedgie is the board with wheels. The nylons, panties and other bits of fabric spread out all over are its weapons. Evil Cube the Third is the low, metallic robot. I don't know who won this round, but  Wedgie (aka the PantyBot) went on to win this battle.
Photo courtesy of  Tom Keeling.
The Battle Royale!
People (Left to right): Me (Simon Arthur), ??, Kelly Lockhart, ??, Joe Torre (creator of the Georgia Face Runner), that photographer guy again (Damn, that guy must have a zillion good photos. WHO IS THIS GUY?), a stagehand, looking interested.
Robots: Pins-n-Rubberbands is on the lower-left,  Wedgie is in the foreground, The Tunabomber is looking very festive on the right (note the cardboard fish caught in the nets; the tissue paper is fish cutouts as well), a robot from the Evil Cube guys is to the left of the Tunabomber (see the wheel?). The resolution is too low for me to identify the rest, but Joe Torre's Georgia Face runner won it. I was the last one he knocked off.
Photo courtesy of Steven G. Prescott.

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