A-VCOA Member Spring Sale

In order to make this simpler to use, I have created a list of the equipment for sale and then created a link to the person selling the item. That way, if you only want to skim the list for items of interest to you, you can. On the other hand, if you are interested in all the varied and wonderful gear being offered, just read down the list of sellers at your leisure! In order to simplify contacting the person offering the equipment, I have added their e-mail address after their name. You should be able to click on the e-mail address and if you have an e-mail client, open up a new e-mail addressed to the person you wish to contact. For those of you who only have web based e-mail, just copy and paste or whatever your webmail provider provides.


Click on the name of the equipment to go to the seller’s For Sale contact list. Click the back button in your browser to back to the top and the INDEX.


Good Luck in finding a great deal this spring!

                                                                                                  John Morrison jhm3@bellsouth.net





Power Amps: Aragon 4004 Mk. II, B&K Mono Block Amps, Quad 405 Amplifier, TSE TS-6BQ5 Tube Amplifier, Adcom GFA-555 200W/ch Stereo Amplifier, Dynaco VTA-120  


Pre-Amps: Adcom GFP 750 Pre-amp, Aragon Stage One surround processor and preamp


Speakers: Salk Soundscape center channel, open baffle speakers based on Hawthorne Audio’s 15 inch Silver Iris drivers, Magnepan 1.6 speakers, Paradigm Studio 60 v.3's, Wharfedale W45s, Pioneer SP-BS21-Stereo Speakers, Legacy Audio Focus speakers, ( 1 pair Athena AS-F2 floor standers, 1 pair Wharfedale WH-2 , BIC America DV62CLR – Center Channel, Mirage Omni S12 Subwoofer, Discount on speakers in parenthesis if whole  surround group purchased), Edgarhorn L-70 w/ Lowther PM-2A Drivers, Edgarhorn Seismic Sub with Titan 150 watt plate amp, SUPRAVOX Carla Full Range Speakers, Vintage KLH Model 5 3-way speakers, Leach 2-way speakers w/ Papadas crossover, KLH 10" sub , Wisdom Audio Neo NS 27 Tower Speakers, Altec Lansing Model 19 Studio Monitors


Digital Players & DACs:  Cambridge Audio DacMagic, Universal Player. Pioneer Elite DV-47A, Sony SCD-777ES SACD player, Benchmark DAC-1


Tuners: Marantz ST-46 FM/AM Stereo Tuner, Sony 730ES AM/FM tuner


Professional/Recording: Sony WM D6C Professional Walkman Portable Cassette Recorder, Sony PCM-501ES digital audio processor, Radio Shack (made by Crown) PZM microphones, TASCAM 32 Vintage 1/2 track Reel-to-Reel 2 CH Recorder, Millennia Media: HV-3D 8-channel mic preamp, Tascam: DV-RA1000 High-Definition Stereo DVD Audio Recorders(2), B&K (DPA) 4007  High-Intensity, Omni-directional Condenser Microphone



Miscellaneous: Naim bundle (amp, pre-amp, speaker cable & interconnects), Solid Wood Record Cabinet, Sanus tall speaker stands, 3.0 cu. ft. refrigerator





                                                                                               Items and Contacts



Howard Strader - howardstrader@gmail.com


Cambridge Audio DacMagic - $280

·         It is approximately 2 years old, in perfect condition, all packaging and manual intact and clean.  It has not been modified in any way.  



Eric Dorr - erikdorr@hotmail.com


Salk Soundscape center channel - $2,000.00

·         This is essentially an “as new” center channel - I had it for just a few months. This speaker sells for $3,000 new factory direct (wait time 2 months), but uses equivalent components (e.g. Acuton midrange, RAAL ribbon tweeter), and has better build quality than brands like Avalon.



Bruce Schlein - schleinb@att.net


·         Naim NAC 202 Preamp with HiCap and NAPC Power Supplies, Naim NAP 200 Amp, 20 ft. Naim speaker cable pair, 4 RCA to DIN interconnects for Naim gear - $4240 OBO


·         A pair of open baffle speakers based on Hawthorne Audio’s 15 inch Silver Iris drivers (upgraded crossovers). 3/4 inch natural finished baffles adjustable for angle - $600 OBO


I would like to sell all the Naim stuff as one item.



Dan Byrd - danbyrd@bellsouth.net


Maggie 1.6's - $875 firm


·         One pair Magnepan 1.6 speakers; black cloth with white stands; manufactured Nov. 2000; excellent condition; look mint; not over-driven; no boxes so local pick-up in Tucker GA

·         Call Dan Byrd @ 770-939-3703.



Tommy Joe Anderson - tjaaca@mindspring.com


Sony WM D6C Professional Walkman Portable Cassette Recorder, Dolby B & C - $100 -very few hours of use - excellent condition.

·         May be used with batteries or AC adapter included, line in and out

  • BOTH Dolby B & C, Variable speed control, Manual recording level control

·         Headphone jack, Mic jack 1/8 inch stereo (no mic included) Tape counter (analog!)

·         Battery strength indicator, LED peak recording indicator

·         All-steel case, Black, red-velour-lined case


Sony PCM-501ES digital audio processor - $120 - very good condition.

·         The 501ES sound quality is set at 16-bit/44.1 kHz. 14-bit encoding is also possible.  This unit has an upgrade switch to remove the emphasis feature.


2 Radio Shack (made by Crown) PZM microphones - $50 each - mint condition.

·         Modified for XLR connections.


TASCAM 32 Vintage 1/2 track Reel-to-Reel 2 CH Recorder - $500 OBO

·         Mint condition, but needs some attention




Bob Prager – Call 770-985-6031 (Be prepared to leave a message. When he calls you back it will show up as a “Restricted Number”)

Aragon 4004 Mk. II - Will part with this gem for $775.


·         This dual monoblock power amplifier comes with original box, manual and shielded power cord. This brute has had very little use and is completely blemish free. Perfect as a bass amp in a bi-amped system or great as a stand-alone amp.


Paradigm Studio 60 v.3's. - These clear-sounding units can be had for $950.


·         In use only 40 hours - they're not even broken in! Naturally they will be in their original boxes with all accessories (floor spikes, jumpers and manuals). These are great speakers, but I upgraded on very short notice.


Wharfedale W45s - I have $75 in them and would like to break even. You get my work for free.


·         A 3 way system, these vintage speakers have updated crossovers and upgraded tweeters (Peerless domes as replacements for original paper tweeters).


Pioneer Elite DV-47A.  - First $30 dollars gets it (I originally paid hundreds).


·         This unit still performs as well as new save for one idiosyncrasy: occasionally the drawer will go back in instead of staying out. Just push the button again. It comes with the remote, user's manual and power cord.


Solid Wood Record Cabinet. $40


·         Simple, elegant design with pivot opening mechanism. Dark finish. A really nice cabinet that holds 200 to 250 LP's.



Andrew Latham - andrew.latham@me.com

Pioneer SP-BS21-Stereo Speakers - $75

·        New in box Pioneer SP-BS21-LR. Make great desktop, surrounds or 2.1 setup.

B&K Mono Block Amps - $175


·         Selling 2 B&K 30.2 "brick" class D, 2 channel amps. Original retail $800.00. Asking $175 OBO

  • Great for audiophile setup. Can run as mono blocks for two channel system or as two separate amps for small desktop setup, 2nd Zone or rear channel amps for home theater. I used them at my office for music from my iPhone and from my computer.
  • 30 watts x 2/ 8 ohms; 60 watts x 2/ 4 ohms; 10 in. x 5.5 in. x 2.5 in.; 8 LBS; compact but clean and powerful sound; 12 volt in/out trigger. 



Jane Saral - jane.saral@gmail.com


Quad 405 Amplifier serial # 15712 Acoustical Mfg. Co, Huntingdon, England  - $345                                            

·         Found the following, which is from a place that services the 405.  http://www.quadmodsusa.com/405upgrades.html



Fred Horton - fhorton3@comcast.net


Millennia Media: HV-3D 8-channel mic preamp - $2,500

·         Uncolored timbral accuracy at all dynamic levels, very low noise and distortion

·         Inputs:    (8) XLR mic inputs with both +48-volt and DPA +130-volt phantom

·         Outputs:  (8) XLR balanced              

·         Condition:        Mint, very low hours               

·         Additional Information:    http://www.mil-media.com/hv-3d.htm                      


Tascam: DV-RA1000 High-Definition Stereo DVD Audio Recorders - $300 each or (2) for $500   (2) units to sell

·         Up to 192kHz, 24-bit PCM or DSD formats

·         Inputs:  SPDIF, AES, analog (2) XLR and (2) RCA, plus other digital inputs

·         Outputs: SPDIF, AES, (2) XLR and (2) RCA analog, phones, other digital outputs  

·         Media:        DVD+RW or CD-R/RW

·         Condition:  Mint, very low hours

·         Additional Information:    http://tascam.com/product/dv-ra1000/downloads/                


B&K (DPA) 4007  High-Intensity, Omni-directional Condenser Microphone - $950        

·         Phantom powered (48-volt) with an extremely linear on-axis frequency response from 20Hz to 40 kHz (±2dB).

·         Due to its linear qualities, also used as reference microphone in both microphone comparisons and acoustic test equipment.

·         Additional Information: http://www.dpamicrophones.com/en/products.aspx?c=item&category=232&item=24012




Mark Chaffin - markchaffin1@att.net


Legacy Audio Focus speakers (Original).  $1800


·         These speakers have 3 - 12" woofers, 2 on the front and one on the back.  They are rated to play down to 18 hertz.  They also have 2 - 6.5" German made Kevlar mid-range drivers and these hand off to a soft dome tweeter and a 4" ribbon tweeter.  The cabinets are custom cherry stained ribbon mahogany.  They are beautiful to see and hear!  I am the original owner and they have never been moved from the room that they are in now.  They were my reference for about 16 years.  There are no noticeable marks on the speakers and they look new.  Legacy still makes the Focus, but it has been revised with different drivers.  I think a new pair will sell for $6000 or more depending on cabinet finish.  You can go to their web site and read many reviews done on the Focus over the years.  They are noted for being dynamic, effortless and easy to drive.  I do have pictures of them if anyone is interested.  We can arrange an audition at my home also.  I will let these go for $1800 for the pair.  You cannot get anything close to these for that price.


Aragon Stage One surround processor and preamp. $900


·         This was their last and best processor.  It was designed first for sound quality, so they put the Aurum preamp inside the Stage One, and the aurum was their best preamp.  It makes a great 2 channel preamp if that is all that you do with it.  It does have decoding for the Dolby digital and DTS codecs.  It does not have the newest decoding for the hi-def. audio codecs associated with Bluray.  It does have 7.1 analog inputs, so if you have an Oppo or other player that does internal decoding with analog outputs, then you are set.  This processor retailed new for $4000.  I will let it go for $900.  I am the original owner and have the manual and box for it.  My unit is black in color and has no noticeable marks on it.



Jim Slemenda - slemenda@mindspring.com


(Trivia:  the Athena and the Mirage brands were actually made by the same Canadian company before Klipsch bought them and killed both of the products below.)


Main speakers: 1 pair Athena AS-F2 floor standers (black cabinet, silver front panel).  Ref: http://www.athenaspeakers.com/products/as-f2-overview/

My original cost: $400/pr. from Audio Advisor, 2004.  Asking $200.


Surround speakers: 1 pair Wharfedale WH-2 (black, bipolar) Ref: http://reviews.cnet.com/mp3-player-accessories/wharfedale-wh-2-surround/1707-6519_7-31281093.html

My original cost: $65.00/pair from eCost.com, 2005.  Asking $30.


Center speaker:  BIC America DV62CLR (black) Ref: http://www.audioreview.com/cat/speakers/center-channels/b-i-c-america/dv62clr/prd_119153_2743crx.aspx

My original cost: $135, 1999, from an early discount shopping Web site, now gone.  Asking $65.


Subwoofer:  Mirage Omni S12 (black) Ref: http://www.hometheatersound.com/equipment/mirage_omni_s12.htm

My original cost:  $350 special from Vanns, 2006.  Asking $200.


Speaker stands, tall, for surrounds:  Sanus (Black): $47 from Audio Advisor, 2005.  Free to purchaser of Wharfedale surrounds.


NOTE (I’ve replaced my entire speaker set with Axiom speakers, so I’m selling off my entire mixed brand 5.1 setup.  Obviously I’d prefer to sell the whole package at once, but if no one wants that I’ll gladly sell pieces.  I purchased all of these products new, so they’re just one-owner items.  I have the original boxes for the Athenas, the Mirage subwoofer and the stands.  I may have boxes for the BIC and Wharfedales, but I’m not sure.  All of the speaker items add up to $495, but if one person takes everything I’ll let it go for $425 including the stands.)



Rich Engelberth - richengelberth@bellsouth.net


Lowther PM-2A Drivers ($1995 New) in Edgarhorn L-70 horn loaded Appleply cabinets ($700 new) $1200


Edgarhorn Seismic Sub with Titan 150 watt plate amp ($2000 New), horn loaded Appleply cabinet        $1000


Sony SCD-777ES SACD player ($1500 New) Includes 10 SACDs                                                        $500



Kanda Feng - audiomercury@hotmail.com


TSE TS-6BQ5 Tube Amplifier black - was $1,600 each, now $800


SUPRAVOX Carla Full Range Speakers, Rosewood - was $1,999 pair, now $1,300



Jon Yaeger - jonathan.yaeger@gmail.com


Vintage KLH Model 5 3-way speakers - recently recapped - $250/pair


Custom Leach 2-way bookshelf speakers w/ latest Papadas crossover design (demonstrated at the club) - $400/pr.


Adcom GFA-555 200W/ch Stereo Amplifier   $400



John Morrison jhm3@bellsouth.net


Marantz ST-46 FM/AM Stereo Tuner. $50


·         Has AM Stereo capability… no one knows why! ;-)  I have no idea what I paid for this but I think it was about $150. On the web I found a review that showed $200-300 as original price range. That sounds a little high. Found one on eBay for $75. Will sell mine for $50. Has excellent ability to pick up local and distant stations. Blows away most Receiver tuners and has remote control PLUS, it’s a MARANTZ Tuner! For those of you who may not remember, at one time, Marantz made the best tuners money could buy and the Marantz 10B is legendary… period! This isn’t one of those legendary tuners, but it’s still pretty darn good!


Adcom GFP 750 Pre-amp… $500

·         That’s right, the legendary pre-amp designed by Nelson Pass for Adcom! I sold my Pass Labs Aleph-P Preamp to buy this one! Solid-state, remote-control preamplifier switchable to passive attenuator/switcher. Rated main output level: 1V. Frequency response: 5Hz-85 kHz, ±0.5dB. S/N ratio: >102dB, A-weighted. Input sensitivity: 183mV balanced, 365mV unbalanced. Input impedance: 94k ohms balanced, 47k ohms unbalanced. Output impedance: 1200 ohms balanced, 600 ohms unbalanced. Dimensions: 17" W by 4.25" H by 12" D. Weight: 15 lbs.

·         Bob Levi Review  http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue27/gfp750.htm


·         Stereophile Review  http://www.stereophile.com/solidpreamps/133/


·         I checked on e-Bay, Audiogon, and Amazon. There is only one available on the internet currently and it “claims to be new” but it doesn’t have a box!? The bid is currently $680 as of today, 4/9/2012. I am asking $500 and mine is “like new” with the remote, user manual, AND factory box!




Lee Tingler - leetingler@gmail.com


KLH 10" sub - It has a new plate amp, and is in very nice condition - $100.

Sony 730ES AM/FM tuner - $55.00  


3.0 cu. ft. refrigerator, great for the media room - $50.00


Chuck Bruce - chucksaudio@mindspring.com


Wisdom Audio “Neo” free standing 3-way hybrid neodymium thin-film planar/dynamic woofer tower loudspeaker.  $2500/pair


·         The Neo NS 27 features a 12” down-firing woofer with response down to 18Hz. The Neo originally retailed for $11,000 per pair and stand 53” tall in oval platform (53" x 16" x 22"). These are finished in glossy Piano black with black curved grills (not intended to be removed) and fitted for single wiring. Excellent condition: Asking $2500 per pr.   For delivery in the greater Atl or N. Ga Area. No boxes, manual should be avail.


·         Each Neo features two vertically positioned 3"x 3" Planars for the top frequencies up to 25kHz, a 3" x 24" planar covers the midrange utilizing a passive 250Hz and 8kHz crossover. The Neo is primarily a front radiator in the mids and treble, yet due to cabinet design there is sufficient amount of rear radiated energy to enhance ambiance. The 12" downfiring, underhung woofer with 32-lb. magnet structure. The woofer is mounted in a sealed sub-enclosure. This is an impressive loudspeaker with performance to match.


·         Specifications summary: 3-way hybrid neodymium magnet, thin-film planar w/dynamic woofer, Freq. response 18-25,000 Hz, Sensitivity 90dB, Nominal impedance 4 ohms, minimum 3 ohms, Max power handling 300 watts, Recommended power amplifier 50-300 wpc, Dimensions 53" x 16" x 22", Weight per unit 135lbs.


Here is a link to the Stereo Times review - http://www.stereotimes.com/speak120105a.shtml

Chuck Bruce – 770-493-7105


Greg Kelso - pawsman@att.net


Benchmark DAC1, $450


·         Five years old, excellent condition, 3 digital inputs (coax, optical, XLR), 1 set of balanced outputs, 1 set of RCA outputs, 2 headphone jacks and volume control. The DAC1 can be connected directly to an amp when using the variable output; or to a preamp using the fixed output. 100% jitter immune, according to the owners manual.



Jason Agee - jagee228@yahoo.com


Dynaco VTA-120 - $1000


·         Amp has with about 200 hours on it with all tubes, pics and auditions available upon request: ( http://www.tubes4hifi.com/bob#ST120 )


Altec Lansing Model 19 Studio Monitors - $1,400


·         The crossovers have had the junky bipolar electrolytics replaced with Solen Fastcaps bypassed with WIMAs.  ( http://www.lansingheritage.org/html/altec/specs/home-speakers/model-19.htm )


·         Additionally, I've had one woofer re-coned from Great Plains Audio ( http://www.greatplainsaudio.com/ ), and both tweeter diaphragms replaced with the best Altec had a few years back.  They are stunning with good crossover capacitors: . 


·         Pictures and auditions available upon request.  I don't really want to get rid of them but space in my Atlanta apartment is at a premium.