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For Sale Items - Posted April 2012

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          Silverline Sonata 2 Speakers For Sale


Here is a chance to own the 2001 Golden Ear Award winning Sonata 2 speakers by Silverline Audio. These belong to Mike Powell the owner of Verastarr, and have been fully upgraded with the careful consultation of Alan Yun of Silverline Audio.First off the original Sonata 2 had polypropylene 10" drivers. These are no longer made, and if one blows, you are stuck with having to replace all 4 drivers, which is not cheap. The next bummer, is that the tooling for 10" woofers in Europe has changed, so you have to rework the cabinets to get the new size replacement woofers to fit. We had a custom cabinetmaker rework these cabinets to fit the 4 new SEAS 10" aluminum woofers. This alone gave the speakers much better bass response with tighter "hit". Next, the 2" softdome mids were upgraded to Dynaudio drivers for some of the best midrange possible from a soft dome. The crossover caps were upgraded at the same time as the binding posts where Cardas Audio posts were fitted. All this was done while consulting with Alan Yun to make sure the mods were perfect. So what you have here is a nicely upgraded pair of Silverline Sonata 2's with nearly all new drivers. The bad: we had granite slabs on top of the speakers, with a damping pad inbetween. When we removed the pads, they were stuck, and along with pulling them up came some of the veneer, so the tops have little pieces of veneer missing, one is just over a quarter in size, and the other is roughly the size of a cigarette pack. Other than this, a few of the little stems that hold the speaker grille were snapped off the grilles while they were being stored, since these were never used with grilles in place.. The grilles still hold in place, but the stems are not all there. This is a simple fix... other than that, the speakers are in very good overall condition. We have the original triple boxes to ship, and I imagine shipping would be around $200. They are roughly 130 LB each, and amazing sounding.. Get these now for the price of mid level monitors. These speakers were $6999 at the time of purchase since they were 2003 models. Total upgrades are about $2500.. Priced for quick sale at $ Mike 678-699-1159  Thanks !    Mike

Dynaco Stereo-70 for Sale

Member Steve Holz is offering his completely rebuilt and upgraded Dynaco Stereo-70 for sale at $500. At this price he is throwing in a pair of high efficiency PSB Stratus Bronze speakers which are a good match for the amp. If you need a great second system or just want the sound of tubes in your existing system, contact Steve ASAP at  See the attachment for more info and pictures.

For LP collectors;  

Stuart Meyers noted LP collector and WRFG Radio host is offering to AVCOA members a killer LP sale.  These include many collectables, many only one to two bucks when purchased in volume.  Thousands of records are available. 10% of proceeds donated are to the club. 

The classical are particularly 98 % mint to near mint.  In quantities of 100 or more they are $1 each.  There are jazz, pop, country, folk, shows.  95 per cent are major labels. 

Give Stuart a call or email; or 770-399-7752.  

For sale by Bill Dymek  (Moving Sale)

VPI HW-19 TT with upgraded inverted bearing, PT-9 (new) arm, Scout platter, tall cover, (new), TT Sound Points feet, SAMA (separate motor assly) and record clamp and Grado cartridge.   All in excellent condition. 

HW 16.5 Record Cleaning Machine.

Also, Acurus P-10 preamp.  And misc. OEM VPI parts: "junior" platter & bearing, PT-6 arm, motor & pulley assembly.

Reasonable price especially as a package - Bill -  678-772-7413,



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