Becoming a Member of The Audio Video Club of Atlanta



Prospective members should request a copy of the AVCOA Bylaws from the Club Secretary listed below.

The Secretary will e-mail a copy of the Bylaws with instructions to the prospective member. The last page of the Bylaws is a membership application that can be printed out. Signing it and returning it to the Secretary indicates that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by the Bylaws. You can do this by either faxing it to the toll-free fax number below or scanning and e-mailing it. The Secretary can also provide an electronic copy of the Member Application which can be filled out and saved using Adobe Reader The saved application can be e-mailed. (The Secretary will provide instructions for its use, but you must have a copy of Adobe Reader that is version 9.0 or later.)

Prospective new members may also obtain a copy of the Bylaws at any club meeting and join at that time. Currently we can only accept cash or check made out to Audio-Video Club of Atlanta. Either the Secretary or the Treasurer can assist with this at the meeting.

If you are interested in joining, we encourage you to attend a meeting before making your final decision.

Annual dues are $40, renewed in January each year. For those who join later in the year, we prorate the current year dues based on the month they join. By doing this, we ensure that member’s annual dues are always due as of January 1 in the next year. Having the member dues in hand early in the year allows us to better budget for meetings and other club expenses.


If you choose to join at a meeting, you can fill out the application and provide your dues payment at the same time.

If you choose to join via e-mail or fax, it is a two-step process. When the Secretary e-mails you the Bylaws/electronic Member Application, you will be given the address for the Treasurer and the prorated amount. You will fax the Member App to the Secretary and send your check for the prorated dues payment to the Treasurer. Upon receipt of your check the Treasurer will notify the Secretary and you will be added to our member list. The Secretary will then place you on our member distribution list and you will begin receiving members-only messages.

Tom Horner  – Secretary
(678) 455-9488

FAX - 1-866-891-3690

Contact these officers for further information;

John Morrison – President

Paul Tarver – Treasurer

Chuck Bruce

VP Industry Relations


Some of our membership benefits include; Meeting and greeting A/V Industry Leaders and Innovators, Listening and viewing "State of the Art" high end, moderately priced and budget equipment, Special dealer visits and seminars, field trips and often discounts from some local dealers,

Members recv. Free postings on this website of items Wanted or for Sale, Discussions of system Tweaking and Solutions, Field Trips to interesting A/V sites, Admission to special Members/Guests only activities + Fun raffles of donated A/V software and equipment. 

Thank You for inquiring about our fun and interesting club...


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