Classical and Jazz Recordings Reviews

Enjoy our monthly issues of Dr. Phil Muse's Classic Reviews and Don Smith's Jazz Journal. Both writers are dedicated students of each genre and history.    After a brief break, Dr. Phil has returned with his Classic Reviews.  We knew he couldn't stay away long - once addicted, always addicted to fine audio and music...

We also extend special thanks to the many producers, studios, distributors and artists who provide these fine recordings for all to enjoy.   

Dr. Phil's February 2013 Reviews

Dr. Phil's January 2013 Reviews

Dr. Phil's December 2012 Reviews

Dr. Phil's November 2012 Reviews

Dr. Phil's October 2012 Reviews

Dr. Phil's September 2012 Reviews

Dr. Phil's August 2012 Reviews 



Don's Jazz Journal August-September 2011

Don's Jazz Journal May-June 2011

     Note as more space becomes available on   our modest website, we'll post more reviews....




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