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Atlanta Delphi Developers Group

Meeting Agenda -- October 3, 1995


The Atlanta Delphi Developers Groups was formed to support both professional and amateur developers using Borland's Delphi software for Windows. The group meets in Atlanta, Georgia at 6:30 pm on the first Tuesday of every month at the United Parcel Service's headquarters to demonstrate related products and techniques, as well as to discuss the future of the Delphi development software.

United Parcel Service
55 Glenlake Parkway, NE
Atlanta, GA 30328


  1. Follow GA 400 North to Exit 5b (Sandy Springs)
  2. Exit merges onto Abernathy Road West.
  3. Turn right onto Glenlake Parkway (2cd traffic light).
  4. Second Building site on right. There are two entrances. Take the first one. (Right entrance, when facing building.)
  5. Turn right into the parking deck.
  6. Walk to the front of the building where the main entrance is.
  7. The guards will point you to the right room.

Meeting Agenda -- October 3, 1995:

If you are interested in taking home some of the shareware/freeware/source code examples, be sure to bring a disk.

We are still accumulating resumes/advertisements for the developers group. Just a reminder of this service: Our Employment Liason, Patrick Shields, will maintain a softcopy of resumes/advertisements for any member of the group. This must be one page only and be convertable to Word for Windows. It must be already formatted and ready to go in softcopy. If someone requests resumes/contractors, they will be given the entire stack. This is a service we are trying to provide to our members. I have already released our current set of two, count'em two, resumes to a prospective job offer! Get on the ball!!!

We are also putting out a call for Source Code Examples. We are looking for people to demo things they have done AND how they did it. E-Mail me at nhustak@mindspring.com if you are interested.

We are still assembling a user group library of functions and components. Submission guidelines will be available in softcopy at the meeting.

Spread the word!


For more information, contact Nick Hustak, the ADDG's President:

Nick Hustak, President
CIS: 72134,123
Phone: 404-427-9970 (Business Contact Point, TTI Consulting)
(After September 18th, dial 770-427-2118.)
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