Ben Licht
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Ben Licht



Skills in the following computer Languages:
C/C++ (on Unix, VAX, & PC), Basic, DCL, Delphi, DOS, REXX, SQL, Logo, Commal, Pascal, Visual Basic, Roscoe, Maple, Assemblem.

Previous Employment:
Department of Environmental Protection
Office of Technical Analysis (1987-1988)
-- Programming in Fortran and Rexx.

Smith Barney Shearson
Tax Reporting Department
-- VB programming with database applications.

Current Projects:
Working for a small company (part time): The Stewart Group -- We are developing a client/server system geared for school use to connect parents, teachers, and students on-line, both privately and through the Internet.

I would like to do Grad school work in Artificial Intelligence and combine such programs to "think about" certain physical models.

Likes beyond the computer screen:
Softball, Music, Politics (I'm a Democrate - USA), Dancing, and Poker.... Of course this list is incomplete, but I'm trying to keep this short.

My E-mail address is:

A picture of me is available at:

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