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The Delphi Bug List

Note: These pages are out-dated. They are intended for use with Delphi 1.0. There will be no update.
For an updated bug list, including Delphi 2.0, go to:

NOTE: Many of the bugs listed here (especially those related to the Borland Database Engine) may be fixed in the 1.02 Borland Delphi Update.

Purpose Of This List:

This list is intended as a place where Borland Delphi developers can find a list of all known problems with the product. It is not intended to be a Borland bashing site. I think Delphi is an excellent product, but maybe it was rushed to market just a bit. Well, that's marketing not listening to the developers for you.


  • Installation
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Integrated Debugger
  • Visual Component Library (VCL)
  • Documentation
  • Component Design

  • Download:

    This list is available in HTML format for download as buglist.zip (19K) for those of you who wish to store it on your local computer. The contents page in the ZIP file is named buglist.htm.


    I would very much like to thank Brad Stowers for granting me the opportunity to adopt and maintain the Delphi Bug List. As many of you know, Brad created this list and made it available to the public in early May of this year (1995). Many of his original comments can still be found within the text. Thanks, Brad. You have done a great service to the Delphi developers' community.

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