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The Delphi Bug List

Integrated Debugger

GPF error when using PCTools for Windows or Plug-In for Windows as shell.


The Plug-In for Windows and PCTools for Windows Desktop shells do not properly resotore some software interrupts that Delphi uses for the debugger. This causes the debugger to GPF when the Program Pause command is issued.


No true solution is known for this problem. Currently, you must either not use the Pause command or change your shell (by modifying the SHELL= line in the SYSTEM.INI) and restart Windows before using the debugger.

Some properties are not correct in watch list and evaluator.


Some properties do not seem to display their correct values in the watch list and evaluator. For example, create a project that has a listbox and a button. Set the listbox's Items property so that it contains several strings. Create an OnClick handler for the button that does the following:

  value := ListBox1.Items.Count;

Now, set a breakpoint on this line of code. Run the project and click the button. Execution will stop at this line of code. Display the watch list and add "ListBox1.Items.Count" to the watches. It displays a value of zero (0). However, when you step through this line of the program, you will find that the variable value contains the correct count.


No true solution is known for this problem. The only work-around that I know of is to use an intermediate variable to determine values that do not display correctly in the watch list.

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