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The Delphi Bug List

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Optimal Fill options causes editor to lose characters.


Adding and deleting units and forms can cause the editor to lose characters from the line immediately following the Application.CreateForm() line in the project (.DPR) file.


Uncheck the Optimal Fill option in the Options|Environment|Editor dialog.

Find & Replace does not work correctly with backslash (\).


The find and replace commands do not like the substrings \c, \d, \t, and \x. If you search for a string with any of these in it, Delphi will incorrectly report that it cannot find the string. If you are using regular expressions, Delphi will not treat the characters as literals as the documentation claims.


The search will perform correctly if you turn case sensitivity on, except for \c. This seems to search for the next word.

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