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The Delphi Bug List


Delphi overwrites existing GAUGE.VBX file.


Delphi installs a VBX named GAUGE.VBX in the Windows SYSTEM directory. This GAUGE.VBX is a commonly used name, and is often incompatible with other VBXs with this name. Most notably, Netcom's Netcruiser software will not run if Delphi overwrites it's GAUGE.VBX file.


Make a backup of the existing GAUGE.VBX file before installing Delphi. If you have already installed Delphi, it will be necessary to reinstall the software that is no longer functioning correctly. You may be able to avoid reinstallation by manually extracting the GAUGE.VBX file from installation disks if you are familiar with the EXPAND.EXE utility.

Missing DLLs on LAN installation.


If you check the LAN Installation checkbox during the Delphi installation process, many DLLS (and their supporting help and configuration programs) do not seem to be installed.


These DLLs are placed in the \DELPHI\WINSYS\ directory. This is to allow LAN administrators to place these files in each user's \WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ directory. The files must be copied there before Delphi will function properly. Care should be taken to not overwrite newer versions of these files. You may find the DOS program REPLACE.EXE useful in accomplishing this.

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