Mark's OnLine "Art"

Below is a collection of art work that I have created in my spare time. It was all generated on the computer using a suite of popular graphics software for Windows, my favorite being Micrografx Picture Publisher with Kai's Power Tools 2.0. (Although, Fauve Matisse would probably have been my favorite if I had a full color version of it.)

dunkle2.jpg fcreatns.gif
Dunkleosteus (20K). Fractal Creations (41K).
firebrnd.gif midnight.gif
Firebrand (24K). Midnight (43K).

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Every graphic used on CITY ZOO was created by yours truly, except for the lounging lion on the CITY ZOO Home Page (a CorelDraw! clip art image). If you have any comments about this page or my work in general ("liked it", "hated it", or whatever), please drop me a line at I would love to hear what you think.

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