Michael McGaha

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Michael McGaha

18 + 13 years experience (31 yrs. old)

Soccer, Fishing, SciFi, Fishing, Music, Fishing, Softball and Fishing

I was born in 1964 in the hills of Arkansas. We didn't have cable, color TV and all the other neat stuff, so when I saw my first computer I fell in love. I am currently an in-house programmer for Professional Dental Technologies, Inc. We manufacture dental equipment including rotary toothbrushes, fluoride products, and a line of voice controlled dental office management systems.... Oh and intra/extra - oral cameras. [shameless plug >>> E-mail prodentec@aol.com for more information on the product line] From '89 through early '94 I owned a computer business, you know... training, service, sales and hiding from whining relatives wanting free stuff...

About 3 years ago I started writing client/server apps for select customers. I seemed to have found my calling and about a year and a half ago was offered a job with the team rewriting the system here at ProDentec. That brings us to the present.

Presently I have a beautiful wife, two very energetic sons, and one of the ugliest dogs you've ever seen.

If you get down in the north-east Arkansas area, warn me... I'll get out the BBQ and kill a pig. Show you some real eating!

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