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Animation & Sound

In addition to the panel transitions and pop-up text balloons, another layer of augmentation has been added in the form of brief animations and sound effects. The primary purpose of these effects is to help excite the reader's imagination by taking something that, for all intents and purposes, looks like a static drawing on a piece of paper and making it move. Appearing in only a few key locations throughout the story, the animations were carefully chosen to play seamlessly from within the original artwork of the comic book and to do so in a manner that would not distract from the reading. So, for example, all of the animations appear when a frame first loads, before any text is displayed. They exist just long enough to catch the eye, and are found at transition points in the story where the animation can serve to help emphasize that change. The sound effects, likewise, play at specific key moments corresponding to important transitions in the story, but exist only long enough to add that extra punctuation -- not long enough to distract.

In addition to appealing to the reader's imagination, helping with the suspension of disbelief, they also serve to encourage the reader to pay attention. The effects appear only briefly, so the reader must be watching in order to see what happened. Also, the graphic and aural nature of the effects help to bring the attention of the reader back to those aspects of the presentation, instead of allowing the reader to fall into a routine of simply reading the words.

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