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Web Design

School of LCC Web Site
This web site was built for the School of Literature, Communication, and Culture starting in the Fall of 1995. Since then, I have continued to maintain and grow the site as the webmaster for LCC.

Dzine - An Online Guide to Web Design
This digizine was created in the Spring of 1996 as part of an Online Production course. I had the fortune of serving as Editor for the site as well as taking an active role in its layout and design.

John Harvard's Brew House
The John Harvard's site was created from scratch by Bryce Glass, Mikol Graves, myself, and Mike Natoli in April, 1996. It was our first commercial web site, and most of the original work remains intact since its originally design. (Oh, and despite the link at the bottom of the home page, the site was not created by IXL -- view the source to see the original authors and creation date of the site.)

ASAP Uniform Company
The ASAP site was created from scratch by Bryce Glass and myself during the Spring of 1997. The project required the creation of custom graphics and layout, as well as a CGI-based ordering system. The most interesting part of the site, however, is that it was designed to be maintained and updated by the ASAP staff -- none of whom know HTML. The site is based on MetaWeb technology, which allows web pages to be updated by simply filling out web-based forms. For ASAP, this technology was extended to allow whole new HTML files to be generated, to support e-mail responses, and to support automated generation of complex forms.

Orbital: November 23, 1996
This site is a webcast of the November 23rd Atlanta performance by British techno band, Orbital. Another group project, this site makes extensive use of interactive Shockwave and streaming audio to provide an interactive light show, a hyperaudio interview, and a viewer for an extensive collection of digital photographs.

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