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Delphi Announcements

Anatec Seeking Delphi Developers

Anatec is urgently looking for Delphi developers to help turn out an automated sales system for Chrysler Motors. Featured on the cover of this week's Computer World magazine, this project has attracted national attention.

A large number of positions are available, including everything from simple Delphi coding to architectural system design. Positions are immediately available, but may require relocation to the Detroit, MI area. Applicants are required to have expertise in object oriented programming. Experience with Delphi and object pascal, although not a requisite, is a big plus.

For more information, contact:

Marshall Hines
FAX (810) 353-8940

Compuserve ALLFAQ & Bug List Available

Walter Novacek has completed a Windows Help version of the Compuserve ALLFAQ (Aug-95) and the Delphi Bug List. It is available for download from the City Zoo FTP site as (146K).

CIS: Walter Novacek 100341,240
FIDO: 2:310/39.15

Borland Delphi Update for 1.0

Attention Delphi Developers!

Get the latest update for Delphi 1.0 and Delphi Client/Server today!

Call 1-800-453-3375. extension 1327 to get your update CD or Disks.

What you'll get in the Delphi update:

The Delphi Client/Server update also includes:

Call 1-800-453-3375. extension 1327 to get your update CD or Disks.

An update CD is only $5.95 plus $5 shipping and handling.
An update Disk set is only $19.95 plus $5 shipping and handling.

Atlanta Delphi Developers Group

The Atlanta Delphi Developers Group meets in Atlanta, Georgia at 6:30 pm on the first Tuesday of every month at the United Parcel Service's headquarters. Visit the Atlanta Delphi Developers Group page for more information.

Nick Hustak, President
CIS: 72134,123

D.C. Area Delphi User's Group

The DC Delphi Users Group is starting and I have a preliminary web server up at:

Let me know if you like it and if you want to get together, where and when a good time would be. So far we have three members that are active and a list of about 10 who are interested...

Luis de la Rosa

Delphi Developers of Dallas (3D)

You are invited to the Premier Meeting of the Delphi Developers of Dallas (3D) on Wednesday, August 30, 1995 at 7:00 p.m.

Our keynote speaker will be Charlie Calvert, Manager of Developer Relations at Borland International. In addition to his role at Borland, Charlie is also the author of the widely acclaimed book "Delphi Unleashed". Charlie is one of the world's foremost experts on Delphi, and a very entertaining speaker. You're in for a treat!

There will be lots of give-aways, including free copies of Delphi, the RAD Pack, InfoPower from Woll2Woll, Orpheus from TurboPower, Delphi T-Shirts and caps, and more! Software Spectrum will also be there to provide special day-of-event discounts on Delphi and the RAD Pack.

This Premier Meeting is free of charge and open to the public. Whether you're a Delphi guru, a new Delphi user, or you're just curious about what Delphi can do for you, come and see what all the excitement is about. Meet the experts and exchange ideas.

The meeting will take place at the InfoMart, 1950 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, Texas. Check the monitors when you arrive for exact meeting room location. For more information email us at Internet:, or call (214) 960-2700, extension 201.

For more information, visit 3D Web site or send us e-mail.

3D Web Site URL:
E-mail address:

Bill White Software Productions

Bill White Software Productions, a local Atlanta Delphi developer, is proud to announce the release of 15 native Delphi VCL components that allow you to create professional looking installations for your applications. Just place the components on your form, set some properties, then click on some buttons and your installation file(s)/disk(s) will be built for you!

Plus, because they are native Delphi components, if you want to do anything special, you use native Delphi code--no scripts! Supports installation of IDAPI/BDE aliases, ReportSmith connections, INI Files, Program Items, Window Groups, Files, and more... (ODBC Drivers are the next on the list).

The file to look for is YOUSEFUL.ZIP.

World Wide Web:
FTP Site:

Component Design Tool

I am designing an application which enables users to create and modify components visually. This program would allow users to design the look of a control via visual painting tools (if appropriate) and would contain many useful pre-coded properies/methods to be plugged in. Furthermore, property, method, and event generation would be easy and visual, as would support for property editor dialogs.

I have no Beta release date, but a working prototype of the program should be operational by 17 July 1995. (This may be extended, depending on all things unpredictable) I would like to hear of any interest, suggestions, or comments. I will eventually need Beta testers (now is too early) but a later public release (probably in the form of standard/ professional or demo/professional versions) can be expected before too long (but expect a finished product for 1996). (I also need a name, any suggestions?). Please contact me at my preferred address below, I would love to hear from you:


Thank you very much,
David E. York

Delphi on IRC

There is a new Delphi room on IRC. It is there for anyone who wants to discuss Delphi in a 'live' session with others without paying long distance charges. :-)

Delphi-Talk Mailing List

David Crowder has created a new mailing list called "Delphi-Talk." This list is for general discussion of Delphi-related topics. To subscribe, send the message:

		subscribe delphi-talk
to the list server at If you have any questions, you can contact David Crowder at

If you have any Delphi-related announcements you would like to see posted here, just mail your announcement to

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