About the Authors

Come by and meet the authors of the articles and Web pages here at CITY ZOO!

Primary Author

Mark R. Johnson
Mark is the principal author and creator of this Web site, as well as the founder of CITY ZOO, Inc. A recent graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology, he endeavors to turn his efforts to serving the Internet community. Also available are Mark's résumé and some on-line art work he has created.

Contributing Authors

Ben Licht
An experienced programmer and graduate from State University at Albany, Ben is currently developing client/server systems for bringing students, teachers, and parents together on-line.

Christian R. Feichtner
Christian is CITY ZOO's second external contributor to the Delphi Articles page. A student at JK University of Linz and member of the Linz Latin Team, Christian has provided a home page for those who would like to learn more about him.

Michael McGaha
Michael is CITY ZOO's first regular columnist and resident Client/Server expert. In his free time, he likes to quench his thirst for great music, selecting from hundreds of music files from his own BBS.

The Nomad
Preferring to maintain anonymity on the Internet, The Nomad is a frequent contributor of both the Delphi-Talk mailing list and related Internet newsgroups. With six years of consulting experience, The Nomad is now a contributor here, as well.

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