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Client/Server Solutions

by Michael McGaha


Attention Delphi / Microsoft SQL Programmers...

I have volunteered to maintain a Delphi to Microsoft SQL / Delphi support area here at CITY ZOO. First I would like to introduce myself and request some feedback from you on what areas you would like to see concentrated on.

My name is Michael McGaha, and I've been developing Client / Server solutions for several years now. I started with DataEase way back when it was still version 1.0 and have moved through Visual Basic and MS Access until now I've arrived at Borland's Delphi with Microsoft's SQL as the DB Server.

I would like to cover the following areas in this column over the next few months, but I'm willing to change the schedule if it looks like you want a different focus:

The techniques used here are also applicable to single user apps using the local interbase server, but most of the discussion will be aimed at C/S environments.

Your job is to give feedback and let me know if what we're doing here is what you need. If not, then tell us what we need to add.

Watch for the grand opening of the new area soon, and jump in!

MORE... Client/Server Solutions (Pt. I)

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