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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions are compiled into FAQ's to form a sort of public knowledge base to which one can turn for assistance. Below are links to two FAQ's that may be of interest to Delphi users. The first, of course, is specific to Borland Delphi. The second, however, refers to Borland Pascal in general, addressing problems and questions related to Borland's implementation of Pascal. Since Delphi represents an extension of the Borland Pascal line of compilers, this second FAQ may prove to be of equal or greater interest to the first.

Delphi FAQ (Graham Mainwaring)
Frequently asked questions relating specifically to the Borland Delphi development software. Try for a more recent version. (Server seems to deny access these days.)

Borland Pascal FAQ (Jon Shemitz)
Frequently asked questions relating generally to Borland's implementation of Pascal, including its standard library of system functions and how they should be used.

Delphi ALLFAQ & Bug List 146K (Walter Novacek) [NEW!]
Windows Help file containing the Compuserve ALLFAQ (Aug-95) and the Delphi Bug List in downloadable, hypertext format.

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