The Nomad

The Nomad


Reason For Handle:
I use The Nomad because I prefer to be anonymous on the Internet. In other forums I have no qualms about using my real name. When my company establishes a presence on the 'net, I'll have an account under my real name (with which to do official things).

Orlando, Fl.

OS Experience:
MS-DOS, UNIX, OS/2, Aegis (UNIX clone), VM, MVS/TSO

Preferred OS:

Known Languages (Short List):
REXX, C, C++, Pascal, Cobol, dBase/Foxpro/Clipper (groan)

Proprietary Languages:
TEX (GCOS 8 TSS), Application System, Personal AS, Track

Preferred Language:
Delphi (so far)

I have been a consultant for 6 years, specializing in the development of Business Intelligence Systems and Executive Information Systems.

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