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Delphi Tips & Tricks

Note: These pages are out-dated. They are intended for use with Delphi 1.0. There will be no update.

NOTE: If you are not using the Netscape 1.1 browser or another browser that supports HTML tables (proposed for HTML 3.0), it is recommended that you return to the standard version of the Delphi Tips & Tricks.

Below is a list of tips and tricks that I have run across on the various newsgroups relating to Borland Delphi. I have slightly editted these articles to remove unnecessary quoting, etc. However, these tips are untested and may not all work as written.

These tips are now available for download as tips.zip (148K).

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Anders Ohlsson
Name Description
Access* how to connect your Delphi application to an Access 2.0 database.
Lance Leverich
AppBlock how to create a program that blocks the user from accessing other running programs.
The Nomad
Assert a Pascal version of the assert C macro to aid debugging.
Duncan Murdoch, Lester Kovac, Jay Cole
ATan2 the ATan2() function.
Nathan Dreon, Terje Mathisen, Jon Jenkins
AVISize* how to determine the playback size of an AVI movie.
Hans Hill
BasicStr example code for accessing and using Visual Basic string types.
The Nomad
BMPIndex* description of a database indexing technique called Bitmap Indexing, which can greatly enhance look-up performance.
Dan Stevens
Canvas* how to create a TControlCanvas for non-window controls.
The Nomad
CDTrack* how to determine which track the current CD is on.
Mark Barr
ClipBrd how to put a memory stream onto the clipboard.
Mark R. Johnson
Cmpnts* how to access the components a given component owns.
Mark Johnson
ColorStr* how to translate a TColor numeric value to a descriptive string (ie. "clSilver" or "clWindow").
The Nomad
Comm a component for serial communications.
Fred Bulback
Comm2* how to solve problems with the TComm component (comm.txt).
John Peterson, Carl Mes
CPUType a unit to detect the CPU type, modified from Intel's code.
Ray Lischner
Cursor* how to force the mouse cursor shape to update immediately.
The Nomad
Cursors how to create and register your own custom cursors.
Timothy Barr, Per Bakkendorff
Dates* how to store and manipulate dates and times in Delphi.
Martin Liesen
DBGrid a TDBGrid descendant that shows images.
Bill Raike
DBGrid2* a component derivative of TDBGrid that exposes Col, Row, and Canvas properties as well as the CellRect() method.
Brian Murray
Delay a Delphi equivalent for the Turbo Pascal Delay() function.
Nivaldo Fernandes
DelDOS* how to compile a DOS executable (.EXE) with the Delphi command line compiler (DCC.EXE).
Eric Nielsen, Kevin Smith
DLL* how to prevent multiple instances of DLL objects.
David Stidolph
DosEnv example code for accessing DOS environment variables in Delphi.
Claude Pellerin, Christopher Fynn
DragCtl how to implement drag and drop of controls.
The Nomad, Mark Duncan
DropCmbo how to make a TComboBox drop open.
John N. Miller, Luis de la Rosa, Scott Anderson
DynArray* how to declare the size of an array at run-time.
Allan Lochert
Elastic how to build a panel that is resizeable at run-time.
Dion Kurczek
EndSessn* how to trap the wm_EndSession message and properly shut down your application when exiting Windows.
Hallvard Vassbotn
Except how to implement global exception handling.
Cees Binkhorst
ExeWait* how to execute another program and wait for it to complete.
Ben Licht
ExitWin* how to force Windows to exit and/or restart.
J. Stephen R. Silber, Mike Warot
ExpPath how to expand a path to a TOutlineNode given the index.
Christian Feichtner
FileCopy a function for copying a file, preserving its timestamp.
David Stidolph
FileDate how to copy a file and set its date & time stamp.
Jon Lowe, Ben (benl@panix.com)
FileDrag how to implement file drag & drop from File Manager.
Mark R. Johnson, John N. Hodges
FindComp* how to access a component based on a name formed with variables at run-time.
rcram@knoware.nl, Mark R. Johnson
Floats how to use floating point types in components.
Sven Lindhardt
FloatWin a unit to make a captionless window moveable -- "floating windows".
FloatWn2 a much simpler implementation of floating windows.
Steve Teixeira
GetClass how to get to class information dynamically via GetClass().
Marc Palmer
GetNext* how to use the GetNextChild() method of a TOutlineNode.
Clifford Stabbert
GetText* how to use the GetText() method to retrieve the full text buffer of a TStrings property or TMemo control.
Mark Johnson
GetToken* code for breaking strings into individual tokens for parsing.
Thomas Scheffczyk
GphArray how to quickly copy a 2D array to an image.
Paul Sullivan, Stephen Warrior
GrabDesk* how to capture the Windows desktop to a form.
Craig Francisco
GraphRes how to use bitmaps stored in a resource file.
Mark R. Johnson, Brad Stowers
GridClr how to change the color of a row or column in a grid.
Luis de la Rosa
HelpSrch* how to open Windows Help directly to the Search dialog.
HideApp how to hide an application from Task Manager.
Darnell Cruz
HideTtl methods to hide and show a form's title bar on the fly.
Claus Ziegler
HScroll* how to activate the horizontal scrollbar of a listbox.
Railton Frith
HugeArr how to allocate a huge (>64KB) array in Delphi.
Jon Jenkins, David Stidolph
IconUp* how to force a form's icon to update while minimized.
Terence Goggin
IncPtr how to increment pointers (from GetMem and GlobalAlloc/GlobalLock).
Marten Larsson
IO-Redir a unit to redirect Input & Output through TCustomEdit derivatives (TEdit, TMemo, etc.).
Kiriakos Vlahos
IsDelphi* how to determine if the Delphi IDE is running.
Wade Tatman
LoadLib how to link in a DLL routine at run-time via LoadLibrary.
Ben Licht
LZCopy* how to copy and uncompress files using the LZExpand API.
J. Stephen R. Silber
LZExpand* how to decompress files using the LZExpand API.
Bruce Laurent Laimer
MaxSize code to control the Maximized size of a form.
Ben Licht
MDITitle how to kill the title bar of an MDI child.
The Nomad, Andy McFarland
MemoPos how to determine the line & column position of the cursor in a TMemo.
MenuBmp how to add a bitmap to a menu item.
Kurt Claeys
MenuItem how to respond to a dynamically created menu item.
The Nomad
Messages* an example of how window messages can be used when Delphi events are not enough.
Mark R. Johnson
Metafile a unit for displaying and manipulating Windows metafiles.
Rene Post
MorIcons how to make more than one icon available for a program.
Brad Stowers
MultiRes how to make a form appear consistent at many resolutions.
Brien King
MultiRs2* how to make forms appear consistent across multiple resolution displays.
Micheal Novak
NbkPages code to add and delete pages from a TNotebook at run-time.
Mark R. Johnson
NetInfo* a unit and several procedures for extracting network user information from a Novell network.
Sajan Thomas
Netscape* how to form a DDE link with a Netscape Web browser.
Kerry Podolsky
NewWinG* a unit for accessing the Win-G graphics library that fixes several Delphi/Win-G problems.
Eric Nielsen
NextCtl how to shift focus to the next control in the tab order.
Neil Dholakia, Randall Siler
NoBeep how to keep Delphi from beeping on ENTER in a TEdit.
Robert Wahler
Notebook how to dynamically add controls to TTabbedNotebook or TNotebook.
Mark R. Johnson
Palettes example code for creating logical color palettes.
Marten Larsson
Palette2* how to properly respond to the wm_QueryNewPalette and wm_PaletteChanged window messages.
PChar an excellent description of how to work with PChars in Delphi.
Martin LiesÚn
PrevInst* a unit for activating the previous instance of an application.
Scott May, Anders Ohlsson
PrevIns2* how to switch focus to an existing instance of an application instead of creating a new instance.
Tim Gooch, Marco Cant˙
ProgMan how to access Program Manager via DDE.
Frantzcy Paisible, Michael Caracena
PropInfo an example of how to dynamically retrieve property values.
The Nomad
QBF* a unit showing how to implement Query By Form (QBF) and Search By Form (SBF) services in Delphi.
Rick Rutt
RealMode code to access real mode memory areas.
Leopoldo F. Saldanha
ScrnSavr how to make a screen saver with Delphi.
Thomas W. Wolf
Scroll how to automate memo/window scrolling.
The Nomad
Search a bug fix for the SEARCH.PAS text search function of the TextDemo project.
Pete Royston
Segments a unit for accessing the memory between $A000-$FFFF.
Jeremiah Gilbert, Pybe Faber
SendKeys how to do the equivalent of VB's SendKeys.
Steve Teixeira
SetBound how to design a new control that catches and/or limits changes to Left, Top, Width, Height, and BoundsRect.
Mark R. Johnson
SetTime how to set the system time & date in Delphi.
Khaled Alakhras
Share how to access shared files (i.e. via SHARE.EXE).
Mark R. Johnson
SlimTab an example of how to cut down on the resources used by a complex TTabbedNotebook.
Jon Jenkins
SplitWin* how to make a split window with adjustable split.
Scott May
SrchStr sample code for string pattern matching.
David Stidolph
SubClass* how to subclass an existing window to intercept its window messages.
Lance Leverich
SysMenu* how to add menu items to an application's system menu.
TabEnter* how to make the ENTER key behave like the TAB key in Delphi.
Curtis White, Simon Callcott
TLine* some thoughts on how to create a line control and responding to the cm_HitTest VCL control message.
Allen Bauer, The Nomad
Toolbar* how to make a toolbar that does not cause the main form to be deactivated when a toolbar button is clicked.
The Nomad
TParser a description of the TParser VCL object and how it is used.
Ray Lischner
TransBlt how to draw bitmaps with transparent areas.
Mark R. Johnson
Trim a unit to trim spaces from strings.
Bob Swart, Pierre Tourigny
Trim2 another unit to trim spaces from strings.
Joseph Bui
Trim3 a third unit to trim spaces from strings -- take your pick.
Bob Swart
TStream how to read/write text data to a file using TStream.
Michael Vincze
TStream2* how to read/write objects to a file using TStream.
Mark R. Johnson
TStream3* how to read/write components to a file using TStream (includessaving a form's layout).
Mark R. Johnson
VarArgs a program to demonstrate use of type-safe variable number of parameters in Delphi.
Hallvard Vassbotn
VBTypes where to find functions to deal with Visual Basic types.
Steve Teixeira
VCSDLL how to hook into the Delphi IDE's menus & version control.
Bryan Slatner
Win-G a WinG import unit for Borland Pascal.
Sean Palmer, Lars Fosdal
WrapGrid a grid component that allows you to use a TStringGrid, but also wrap the text in a cell.
Luis de la Rosa

NOTE: If you try any of these tips and find mistakes, or an article you wrote appears here that you prefer did not, send e-mail to me at keeper@mindspring.com, and I will take care of it.

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