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Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. (Ecclesiastes 12:13b)

I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.  (John 14:6)

For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, and of love, and of self-control.  (2 Timothy 1:7)



Welcome to the internet home of Chris, Linda, Claire, Alex, Sam and Genny Jamison (and cats Panda, King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot and Misty).  We are a home of believers in the salvation of Jesus Christ (except maybe the cats).  We live & attend church in Duluth, GA (33.984026N, 84.143745W ), but have ties back to Pine Bush and Walden, NY.


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For 2010:  simply links – to topic pages I’m creating.

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What’s playing on my CD?                        Mae’s “The Everglow”, David Crowder Band’s “Illuminate”.

What’s on my bookshelf?                            Gregg Harris’ Truth and Light, Charles Vess illustrated The Green Man.

                                                                           Also:  my weekly subscription to The Economist (it’s good to be reading this again)..

                                                                           Getting much mind-stretching from my subscription to Orion Magazine (oriononline.org)


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Chris Jamison:  Pine Bush High School (1983), Pine Bush, NY, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1987), First Federal Savings (Middletown, NY), SE Technologies, Stamford, CT, Milton Keynes (UK), Quality Consultants, RedKlay & Fullscope, Duluth, GA, Baan, Manman, Grace Church (Middletown, NY), St. Andrew’s (Brewster, NY), Christ Church (Norcross, GA), Grace Church (Duluth, GA).  2005:  Sugarloaf Community Church



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?? Why do people ask rhetorical questions ??



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My Genealogy Page (Jamison, Zneimer, Corwin, Bergin, Fisk, Van Orden , France , Ure, etc.)

Jamison / Bergin family News

Chris Jamison’s resume (updated for 2005) and Baan PDM powerpoint file (presentation at BaanWorld 2001)


Sir Joseph Noel Paton         Christian Environmentalism         Shawangunks            Green Man



*** There’s a God-shaped hole in all of us.  You can try to fill it with drugs, cars, sex, money, whatever, but they won’t fit.  Make the decision today:  Ask Jesus into your heart.  That hole is real; Jesus longs to fill it.  –cj  ***


Danger Zone: 

My essays on  abortion (2001)       saddam (2002)          homeschooling (1998)

                        yeaargh (Howard Dean, 2004)                  global warming (2005)


Original Fiction:  The Boy and the Spider (2005)

Original Poetry:  Ode to Dew (2007)


Notes and Additions:

02/2009:  I've been making lots of changes behind the scenes, with a hope to revamp the public face in 2009.

10/2008:  updated some genealogy work; today added a recycling page.

08/2007:  I’m working on a total site rewrite.  But I just upgraded to MS Office2007, and now whenever Word is used to edit a .htm file, it creates this stupid associated directory to hold the attached objects.  Even if there are no objects!  Very frustrating.  I don’t want to fill up my ISP’s Mb allocation with stupid directories & object files that provide no value.  So I’m on hold until I can arrange a more coherent site architecture.  I will most likely be using the ‘100webspace’ account heavily (for its 100Mb of free space).

06/2007:  Wrote an Ode to Dew.  Added more videos on my YouTube page.

04/2007:  Added link to a You Tube group.

03/2007:  Started my family pictures for 2007.  Also, I’m feeling the need to rewrite this site again!  Some updates to Paton page.

07/2006:  moved genealogy from Yahoo to Comcast.  Here’s the main page.

            Also – killed off the guestbook (too much spam)

06/2006:  created a yahoo group for Zneimer family

05/2006:  added sitemeter links; see also my fear and joy pages.

09/2005:  added original fiction (see above) and a Quotes to Remember page; also Alzheimer’s Assoc. info page.

08/2005:  added a shopping page to consolidate links & reference for buying books, comics & graphic novels online.

03/2005:  updated resume for 2005.

12/2004:  added updated resume for 2004.  Also a spiritual research page.

08/2004:  Been updating contents.  Started a blog courtesy Tripod.

03/2004:  Added several new content pages; updated the sitemap to list them.

02/2004:  Cosmetic changes.

10/2003:  Moved my Thomas Cole pages to Comcast; images work, but most of the links are dead.

10/2003:  Updated site due to Comcast merger with ATT.

07/2003:  Yeah, I know, the Truepath site is down.  They converted to a pay site, and I didn’t want to pay.  I’ll fix it when I can.

01/2003:  Added a Charles Vess pictures page

12/2002:  Finally got the scanner working & put up some 2002 pictures – go to family page.

11/2002:  Mindspring wouldn’t let me add a guestbook L  But ATT had one built in J  Please Sign!

10/2002:  Green Man page

10/2002:  Finished the sitemap

07/2013: a little cosmetic updating



How to reach us:

2/2004 – finally got a cell phone (404) 218-9533.  And yes, I finally got a DVD player, too.  Anyone want some 8-tracks?

E-mail me at home:  cjamison@mindspring.com or at work: chris.jamison@fullscope.com  ICQ:  121525789; work phone:  (770) 772-3123;


About the Web Page Design (olt*):

This web home covers four separate sites.  The main page is on Mindspring (now part of Earthlink), our ISP.  We also have space with Geocities / Yahoo, Tripod and Lycos.  Some of the sub-pages and files may be on these sites.  Since the space is provided free to me, you will have to wade through some of their advertising.  2002:  added a site with ATT, my cable modem provider.  2006:  actually used a little javascript on one of my private pages (to get the time in Manila displayed on the screen).  10/21/08 – also page at 100WebSpace. 


In June, 2001, After learning HTML, I decided I would rather focus on content than form, and so have converted my entire site over to pages maintained in MS Word as .htm files.  It may be lazy, inefficient and caving into Big Brother, but it’s done.  Now I can update my pages faster (since I know Word a lot better than HTML).  If you are interested, I used the ‘Expedition’ theme for the background, fonts, bullets and horizontal lines.  10/21/08 - Note my future direction – pages ending in ‘html’ will be maintained in nvu.  Those ending in ‘htm’ will be maintained in MS Word.


olt:  ‘or lack thereof’


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