Thoughts on global warming




OK, so I need better science to back this up.  But…


Arguing about whether global warming is real, or is human-caused is kind of like standing on a train track and arguing about whether the train bearing down on you is being driven by someone or is just coasting in neutral.  Either way:  GET OFF THE TRACK.


As with my stated position on environmental policy, can we really believe that increased industrial production is somehow good for the environment?  Surely it is not helping to decrease the rate of global warming.


So, we have the situation as follows:  Whether the warming trend is a natural one, or a man-made one, we still have the specter of it before us.  So, we can do two basic things:  mitigate the effects of the warming (from rising tides, stronger hurricanes) on our lives/economy and try to decelerate the rate of increase of temperature. 


Examples of the first course of action:  don’t build million-dollar homes right on the beach.

Examples of the second course of action:  increase the CAFE standards for automobile fleets.


These things are just smart things to do anyway.