Some fun – Mountain Dew poetry:

June, 2007


Ode to Dew





Here I find a 'fridge

wretched to the racks;


No drink to savor

or aid me in my acts;


Oh, that this 'stead be

a 'fridge full of thee.






My poor eyes perceive

a joy way past words;


Sweet nectar of the

Gods!  From you I'll not swerve;


Cool muse of all code

to thee be this ode.



Ode to Dew was written after buying four cases of Mountain Dew for our office refrigerator, and after listening to a CD lecture course on Medieval Literature (Norse sagas, Beowulf, Gawain, Roland, etc).



Here’s something with a little better rhythm:


Dew the Right Thing


All you who stand and thirst for Dew,

Please welcome now what’s in your view.

But think of those that went before,

Before you open up this door,

And let the next case be from you!





Dew the Right Thing was written while driving from Atlanta, GA to Hartsville, SC.




Copyright Chris Jamison 2007