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Taxonomy:  a classification scheme.  I need to work on my content taxonomy here, and especially in the

main pages (Interests, et. al).  There is duplication and confusion even for me.


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  • Family main page
  • Interests main page ** this is the key page to check out; it leads to most of the others **
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  • Links main page
  • 2001 Baan World Presentation: pdm.ppt


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Genealogy Main Page  (obsolete now)


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Home of my blog.


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Added when I got my cable modem running.

Migrate from ATT to Comcast on 10/21/03.


My Guestbook page  (7/2006 – this is dead now).


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            see it for all others

/genhtm directory:                   really, it’s best to go through the main page

  • Cemetery Locations
  • Cemetery Records
  • Chris Jamison’s Ancestors
  • Genealogy – Bergin/Corwin
  • Genealogy – Jamison
  • Genealogy - Zneimer
  • Obituaries – Jamison
  • Obituaries – Bergin/Corwin


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Genealogy links page

Charles Vess pictures page

Thomas Cole pictures page

Thomas Cole images page



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