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This is Sam.   < /SPAN > Sam is autistic.   He is one of the

funniest, most loving children I know.  < /SPAN >


Sam attends Gwinnett County public schools in

Duluth, GA.


Sam likes balls, drains and fans.  He loves water

and being outside.  Sam likes to sing, and sometimes

will make up a new song for you.









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Sam Self-Portrait 20061215_sm



Here is Sam’s first picture, a self-portrait:                             

            (click for a larger view)







To sort through or follow up on:



  Samples & blank examples of support documents 

  Check out all these articles:

  Classroom mods:

  Behavior Support Plan:

  Very good – lots of links & examples.






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            Spectrum         Yahoo-Spectrum

            Gwinnett School Special Ed   Council for Exceptional Children (IDEA law)

            Georgia Advocacy Office      Autism-PDD  

            print:  advocating for education

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Organizations & Advocacy

Autism Society of America

            ASA-GGC      Greater Georgia Chapter

Governor’s Council on Developmental Disability

Babies Can’t Wait  (GA – for 0-3 yrs).  An OUTSTANDING program.

Unlock the Waiting List – great starting point for advocacy & issues

Georgia Faces (Families of Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome Care, Educate, and Support)

Nami Gwinnett – mental illness site.

PePP, Inc – I have completed their Project Knowledge Series 1 (8/26/2006)


Parent to Parent of Georgia:  their roadmap to services.


Katie Beckett info site from DCH.  All the forms are there.

Life Skills Gwinnett – Autism Support Group?



Government Officials:

Georgia State Senator David Shafer (48)

Write your US House Representative here (mine is John Linder)

US House Rep John Linder’s official page




Koegel Center

Jepson Center


Marcus Institute




Greater Atlanta


Parkwood Farms - Hippotherapy





Gwinnett County Public Schools; Special Education

Special Needs Preschool, Lawrenceville, GA  (old site)


Carol Sadler, IEP Advocate

IEP Prep tool:





IDEA sites



Dennis Debbault’s site:




Super Duper

Autism Jewelry

Autism Coach – various products & links

Autism USA portal



Individuals with Autism

20090926, here's a quote from Laura, taken from the Spectrum listserve:

"Listen to me play my song to you through my special interest and you will no longer be convinced I am the one in need of a cure. With autism, I can dance everyday even when there is no music playing. With autism, I can shut the world out and hear only the trees and the sky and the earth. With autism, I care about the world so much that pretending seems mean when I know I can be truthful. I am not autism. I am me and I have autism."






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