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Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And He said to me,  “Write, for these words are true and faithful.”

Revelation 21:5

A little history…


The first Green Man carving I saw (noticed) was on a back doorway arch of the Dunfermline Cathedral (Fife, Scotland).  There he was, smiling down as he had since the 1400’s or so.


While I lived in Milton Keynes, UK, I read an issue of BBC World magazine.  They had an article on the Green Man.  In that issue I spied an advert by a group called Common Ground.  They were selling Green Man t-shirts.  I ordered one and it’s still one of my favorite shirts to wear.  I believe they later offered a shirt showing an English Oak tree with the caption “life begins at 400”.  I wish I had bought that one as well.


(click to enlarge) treeman_sm

Treeman’ by Cemre Ozkurt.

Other names:  Herne the Hunter, Jack-in-the-Green.


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Green Man sightings


Photos taken 16 June, 2011.

Dornoch Cathedral 02c.jpg


  • Dunfermline Abbey, in Fife:


A series of three pictures showing the carved Greenman images at Dunfermline Abbey’s West entrance.

Photos taken 19 June, 2011.

Dunfermline Abbey West Entrance 1.JPGDunfermline Abbey West Entrance 2.JPGDunfermline Abbey West Entrance 3.JPG

Five carved greenmen are visible.


  • .


Green Men in the media                            


Kingsley Amis wrote a book called The Green Man (1969).  This has also been made into a TV mini-series by BBC in 1990 or thereabouts.  Look for it in the US on A&E.



Some Green Man books I have:

  • The Green Man, Kingsley Amis, 1969
  • Green Man; The Archetype of our Oneness with the Earth, William Anderson, 1990
  • BBC World Magazine, November 1990



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Green Man T-Shirt:

“The Green Man” by Sandy Sykes for Common Ground

Text on back:

   Where will you find him?  How will you look? 

Only ever expect to see glimpses as befits

his enigmatic character.

   You may know him as the Green Knight or

Robin Hood, you will still see him around May

Day leafy as Jack in the Green or horned like

Herne the Hunter, in mumming plays and Morris

dancing, or as the Green George a relative of

St. George.

   He can be found on buildings of all kinds –

inside and out – from the offices and houses

of Mayfair to your local pub.

   In parish church and cathedral look for him

as a foliate head in roof bosses, on the tops

of capitals, on corbels, tympanum, on tombstones,

misericords and bench ends in the choir stalls,

cloisters, over doorways and in chapter houses.

   However you see him, as a benign spirit,

guardian of the female forest; symbol of new

life and hope in spring; a signifier of

regeneration, you will feel his presence in

our ancient woods and forests such as Wyre,

Wistmans and Sherwood.  He has been our

cultural companion for millennia, reminding us

of our close relationship with nature.

            Rediscover the Green Man in yourself

and do more than Touch Wood,

            Make every tree a wanted tree.




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