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CNN                                                       USA Today                                                           The Wall Street Journal                                        NPR - National Public Radio                             AP Newswire                        

The Economist                                     Financial Times of London                                               BBC - UK            


AJC at AccessAtlanta                         WSB - Atlanta News Radio                               WABE – Atlanta Public Radio

11 Alive TV News                                WSB – TV at AccessAtlanta                             Fox5 Atlanta TV

Gwinnett Daily Post           


Le Monde (french)                              PakNews (Pakistan)                                            New Zealand news             

Lycos Audio News                              World Net Daily (christian news)                      Christianity Today's news site

Ag Web (farm news)                           Environmental News from ens-news              


Gwinnett blogs:  Bob Griggs             

2007 Braves Radio:  94.9 FM and 640 AM



Christian Radio:

104.7 WFSH Atlanta, GA:  The Fish                                               89.3  Greenville, SC:       

93.3 WVFJ Atlanta, GA:                       89.7  WMHK Columbia, SC:  ‘Clean Air’

91.5 WWEV Cumming, GA:                                88.3 WAFJ Augusta, GA:  ‘Augusta for Jesus’

88.1 KLove Waco, TX

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Jim & Alice Bollback:                                  Stefan Oestreicher:           

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Doug & Sue Payton:                            Brian Hoadley:   his blog.

Bettina [Remacle] Hastie mentioned:       Barry Nehr & SCE

Mark James (graphic design)                              Peter Fiala & a picture from 2005

Adam Bush                                         John Walley

Dave Wilson                                                RJ Hinde at UTK and here

Lindsay Oravits: & here:  

Sally Matz on her grandfather, A I Keller                                          Bob Kronman – in a press release for Scene Change (UK)

David Gregg, senior editor at Best Magazine:      

A recent picture of Gordon Goldberg (RPI Alum)                            The Wests, missionaries in Manila

My neighbor David Funderburk:


My cousins run an outdoor gear store in Hope Valley, RI:  Ure Outfitters

My sister-in-law’s friend, Patty Lovell, won an award for her book:


LOOKING FOR:  Chris Modica  where are you Chris?


Zneimers on the Web:

Peter Zneimer              Sophia Zneimer           Daphne Zneimer         Edward Zneimer         Saul Zneimer (Chief Executive)

Alan Zneimer              Evelyn Gadia Zneimer            Jonathan Zneimer                   

John Zneimer, author of a book on Liam O’Flaherty

Susan M. Zneimer, MD.

My 3rd cousin, Michael Rosenstein’s business:  Crepes a Latte Catering



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CNN/SI                                             IT Toolbox       

ESPN                                            ERP Toolbox       

Braves             braves' official site                              ZD Net           perl 

CNN Braves   braves team page                                 C/Net                                        

Fitness at                      ERP resource             

                                                                                    All about DSL                

                                                                                    Microsoft’s searchable knowledgebase:  1-800-ASK BILL 

                                                                                    A web services primer             Lots of content:          



Knowledge Management:                                                      Economy:

Harvard Business School:          

Buckman Laboratories:        

User-Defined Tags:          WikiPedia – maybe the best yet.

A map of the mind:  useful for topology: 




Christian Classics Ethereal Library – very good starting point; also check out Project Gutenberg:   

On-line Dictionaries:,      



Religion and Bible reference:                    Christian Environmental Studies:

Our home church:  Grace Church, Duluth, GA

Christianity Today                                                      Great site for essays & research:    

In-Touch (Charles Stanley)                                         Christian Env. Studies Center:                     

Focos on the Family (Dobson)                                                Target Earth:                                

Reasons to Believe (Hugh Ross)                                Current home of EEN:                           

Beryl’s brother’s church in Paris


Dalat School in Penang, Malaysia

Online Christian Colleges resource site 




some big stuff to thing about:  


new science”:     response to new science:

                                                                        and a useful review:  - useful since I could understand it!

What would be fun would be to pixelize a photo, then apply cellular automata rules until it dissolves.  Then take the dissolution, inverse the rules and run again to see if you can re-create the picture!  Or, more like creating life, can you apply a rule to a particular initial condition and predict that it will create a recognizable picture, like a face?  Even better:  once it creates a recognizable picture, can that then become a steady-state image?  I don’t know if Wolfram ever develops something that results in a steady-state image anyway (beyond white, black, or some patterned background like a tiled computer background image).  At 1100+ pages I won’t be reading it any time soon!



Genealogy Stuff:





Gardening Stuff:

GA State Cooperative Extension:                

Fort Valley (GA) Coop Extension:    

Cornell Univ. Coop Extension:                        

Alabama Coop Extension:   

A Modern Herbal HTML:       



Politics, etc.

e-zine Slate (liberal)              e-zine Salon (conservative)           

Federal Gov’t      




Shopping and Commerce:     




Media:                        HGTV            Dinner and a Movie    Thistle and Shamrock WSB - TV                                      movie trailers:           


try this:           (see doug payton’s site)          TV ads (bandwidth pig):     



Star Gazing:       


A Good site with updated star/sky charts:   

On-line moon phases:         

Stardate page:      Stardate resource page:          

            They have a gift shop too:       

Current state of warp drive science:    

JPL’s mission page:        

Old Farmer’s Almanac:



Environmental Sites:                        Nature Conservancy (national)          

Georgia Forestwatch               Audubon Society (national) (magazine) (Atlanta)

Wilderness Society                 National Wildlife Federation              Natural Resources Defense Council  



Other Sites:

My *SITE MAP*       My Christian Music page.       My Fun Facts page.


A dairy commodities exchange:     a hodgepodge:        

Hoard’s Dairyman:               GA farm bureau:                    

USMA maps of WWI and more:  

Work etymologies, phrase origins & other lit. stuff:           

Photo Journalist A. Raffaele Ciriello – images of world’s hot spots:      - warning:  some strong-content images.

Check out this on-line cgi movie; lots of tests & images: 

Confused about the time?   



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