Christopher Jamison, CPIM


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Baan IV Foundation Logistics Certified, 1998

Baan IV Basic Overview Certified, 1996

Certified in Production & Inventory Management (CPIM), Apics, 1992

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, B.S. Computer Science, 1987



Functional Expertise


Data Collection:  Barcoding, RF Technology

Data Conversion:  Import/Export and Mapping techniques

Engineering:  PDM/PLM, Item Control, Document Control, Change Orders

Manufacturing/Distribution:  BOM/RTG, Production Control, Production/Material Planning, Inventory Management, Sales Order Management, Purchasing, Shipping/Receiving



Technical Skills


Application Packages:

Baan ERP(5.0) & IV(c2,c4), BaanPDM (v5.2, v6.1), WiseB2B, CA-Manman


Languages / Environments:

Baan Tools & Exchange, SQL, Perl, HTML, Javascript; CA-Manman/Vax (Fortran); DEC Vax/VMS tools (DCL, DBMS, UDMS).


Operating Systems:

Windows NT/2000, Unix/Linux, Vax/VMS




Work Experience


Fullscope, Inc., Atlanta, GA – E-Business Solutions 2/02 – pres.

RedKlay Web Solutions, Inc., Atlanta, GA – ERP Implementation 1/00 – 2/02.

       (merged with Fullscope in 2/02)

Quality Consultants, Inc., Atlanta, GA - ERP Implementation 5/98 – 12/99 (merged with RedKlay Solutions in 1/00)


Solution Architect, Atlanta, GA  06/01 – present


Implementation and customization of RedKlay’s proprietary E-Commerce product, WiseB2B.  Work involves both client’s installations as well as standard product development.  Skill set requirements include application expertise in e-commerce, internet use and Baan, and technical expertise in Baan, Perl, HTML, Unix and proprietary WiseB2B/WiseAPP toolset.


Application Specialist (ERP Implementation), Atlanta, GA  10/98 – 05/01

Product Specialist, Atlanta, GA  5/98 – 9/98


On-site & off-site Baan implementation consulting in the process & discrete manufacturing environments.  Baan tools development (forms, scripts & reports).  Data conversion using Baan Exchange.  Skill set requirements include business process modeling, Baan application configuration and user training.  Specialty in BaanPDM and Data Collection.  Led and participated in several large and small implementation projects.




SE Technologies, Stamford, CT - Software Consulting Services  2/89 - 5/98


Practice Manager, Atlanta, GA  10/96 - 5/98


         Manman (VAX) Application Development Business Line manager:  sales, pre-sales,

custom programming (on-site and off-site) , management of off-shore programming

resources, 8x5 on-call maintenance support.  Territory:  US and Canada.


Pre-Sales consulting for Baan business line; Project Management; On-Site assignments.


Regional Manager, Atlanta, GA 4/95 - 9/96


Profit & Loss responsibility for 9 state region.  Technical as well as Sales Management.  Built region from 0 to 6 employees and 70k/mo revenue.  Some selling experience as well.  Occasional technical assignments kept my technical skills up-to-date.


Project Leader, Stamford, CT 5/92 - 4/95


Client-Level responsibility for technical projects, from pre-sale quotes to final delivery and acceptance.  Services ranged from training to analysis to development and testing.  Organized teams for larger projects.  Many on-site assignments as well as in-office work.  Projects involved both technical skills and functional understanding.


Software Consultant, Milton Keynes, UK 11/89 - 5/91


Lead technical resource for our startup UK office. Spent a total of 13 months during which time the staff grew from 0 to 8.  Assumed the duties of project leader as outlined above.


Software Consultant, Stamford, CT 2/89 - 5/92


Programmer/Analyst working on fixed price and on-site projects.  Focus on manufacturing and order entry modules of ASK/Manman (DEC).




First Federal S&L of Middletown, Middletown, NY

Jr. Accountant, Middletown, NY 7/87 - 6/88



Presentations and Publications


Implementing Baan Product Data Manager (PDM)

Baan World Users conference presentation, 10/17/01, Orlando FL



Quality Consultants / RedKlay Web Solutions / Fullscope selected project details:


GROVE WORLDWIDE, Shady Grove, PA  09/04 – 12/04:

Customization and implementation of WiseB2B, with focus on creation of a Spare Parts Dealer interface.  This interface is based on existing Baan customizations made by the client.  Primary role is project manager, with additional training, testing and development responsibilities.  Environment is AIX/Unix, BaanIV and Informix database.  Utilized proprietary WiseLink software to automate access to Baan backend functionality.


PVC, Tinton Falls, NJ  4/04:

Producer of plastic packaging material.  On-site client key user training in Manufacturing & Distribution (CPR, MRP, SFC/PMG, ILC) in a multi-site, mixed discrete / process environment (Baan IVc4).


RING CONTAINER, Memphis, TN  03/04 – 06/04:

Phase 2 implementation:  customization, installation.


SONOCO (Flexibles), Hartsville, SC  12/03 – 07/04:

Customization and implementation of WiseB2B, with focus on expansion of the production module.  Served as the subject matter expert for all aspects of the project.  Heavy involvement with analysis, specification, development, testing and deployment.  Environment is Windows NT, Unix, BaanIV and Informix database.


RING CONTAINER, Memphis, TN  07/03 – 10/03:

On-site analysis, off-site development and project management.  Developed new modules for WiseB2B application; developed customizations for existing WiseB2B modules.  Managed a dynamic team of up to 8 people in a time-sensitive development effort; Implemented WiseB2B Sales, Warehousing, Purchase, Production and Inventory modules in one division for Ring Container.  Setup role-based security.  Environment is Windows 2000, BaanIVc4 and SQL database.  Client’s successful, on-time live date:  10/1/2003.


SQM North America, Atlanta, GA  11/02 – 10/03:

On-site and off-site consulting, development and project management.  Implemented a major version upgrade of WiseB2B, rolled out enhancements for Sales and Warehousing modules, including full support for replenishment order processing.  Environment is Unix, BaanIVc3 and Oracle database.


OCEANWORKS, Vancouver, BC  05/02 – 06/02:

On-site and off-site PDM analysis.  Environment is Baan 5.0c in Windows2000.


SONOCO (IPD), Hartsville, SC  03/02 – 04/02:

On-site proof-of-concept development in WiseB2B and Baan tools (BaanIVb).  Wrote utilities & tables to load items,  BOMs and Routings from external quoting system.  Used product configurator, constraints (in object mode) and generic routings to configure the routing  based on input feature option values.  ITM, BOM, ROU, PCF.


BIOPRODUCTS, Ohio  01/02 – 02/02:

Off-site product development in WiseB2B v2.2:  implement containers for all sales order and product inquiries in WiseB2B.


KLOCKNER/BARTELT, Sarasota, FL  10/01 – 10/01:

On-site training in Baan IV EDM:  end user training, implementation considerations.  Tools:  database/customization conversion, upgrade & maintenance.


PARKSON, Ft. Lauderdale, FL  8/01 – 8/01:

On-site implementation support:  targeted training, configuration and implementation support for Baan PDM upgrade.


CARRIER, Florida  06/01 – 08/01:

Off-site customization programming for Wise B2B implementation.


IMMUCOR, Norcross, GA  6/01 – 6/01:

On-site go-live support:  applications support and tools support; miscellaneous program enhancements.


WISE B2B  5/01 – present:

Miscellaneous support issues and program enhancements for clients’ Wise B2B software as well as the standard product.  Quality Assurance (QA) Testing for Wise B2B – Baan 5.  Customization porting and WiseB2B version upgrades.

Select Client List:  EST, Progress Rail, SQM, Carrier, Bioproducts, Paradise Tomato.


GSW WATER HEATERS, Fergus, ON  5/00:

Installed BaanPDMv5.2.  System is BaanIVc4, Oracle 8.0 database running WindowsNT on IBM hardware.


WEBB WHEEL, Cullman, AL  2/00 – 4/01:

Manufacturer of hubs and brake drum assemblies for the automotive industry.  Lead implementation consultant for BaanPDM v5.2 (COM, ITM, BOM, ROU, EDM).  Work includes business process modeling, application configuration, key user training and data conversion (using Exchange, PDM DBLoad / SQL).  Additional work performed in Manufacturing (RPT, SFC, ILC), RF/Barcode integration (Data Recognition, Inc) and customization (in Baan Tools, SQL Worksheet and Excel).  Environment is multi-site BaanIVc4, repetitive manufacturing – automotive, and interface to Baan Planner; Unix OS, Oracle DB.  Client’s successful live date:  1/29/2001.  Project size:  8 fulltime consultants, $1.2M.


IMMUCOR, Norcross, GA  3/99 – 2/00:

Supplier of blood-testing products and equipment.  Lead implementation consultant for Manufacturing package (BOM, ROU, SFC, MRP, CRP, INV, ILC, LTC).  Work includes business process modeling, application configuration, key user training, data conversion (using Exchange), enhancement specification.  Environment is Baan IVc4, discrete manufacturing; Windows/NT OS.  Client’s successful live date:  6/1/2001.  Project size:  3 fulltime consultants, ~$500,000.


US CHEMICAL, Massillon, OH  2/99 – 11/99; intermittently during 2000 - 2003:

Supplier of after-market automotive repair and appearance products.  Lead implementation consultant for Manufacturing package (COM, ITM, BOM, ROU, CPR, SFC, MRP, CRP).  Lead implementation for Distribution package (PUR, SLS, INV, ILC, LTC).  Work includes business process modeling, application configuration, key and end user training, data conversion (using Exchange), RF/Barcode integration (Connectware), enhancement specification and development (in Baan Tools).  Environment is Baan IVc4, discrete manufacturing, with minor customizations (shipping documents); Windows/NT OS.  Client’s successful live date:  11/1/1999.  Project size:  2 fulltime consultants, $250,000.


TIC GUMS, Belcamp, MD  1/99 – 3/99:

Supplier of food ingredients.  On-site client training in Manufacturing & Distribution (COM, ITM, FRM, ROU, PMG, MRP, PUR, SLS, ILC, LTC) in a process environment (Baan IVc2).


PVC, Tinton Falls, NJ  1/99:

Producer of plastic packaging material.  On-site client training in Manufacturing & Distribution (SFC, SLS, ILC) as well as tools development of custom reports in a multi-site, mixed discrete / process environment (Baan IVc2).


“A leading equipment supplier for the paper industry”, Atlanta, GA  6/98 – 1/99:

Multi-site BAAN IVc2 implementation project team for Manufacturing/Distribution in a discrete environment. Work includes piloting, module implementation and customization specification.  Module focus on ITM, BOM, RTG, SFC, MRP, ILC, LTC, PCF and PCS.  Significant time was also spent on custom table & session development.



SE Technologies selected project details:


8/95 - 5/98:

         Many projects, both external and internal:

Select Client List:  ABB Power T&D, Eastman Kodak, Lifeline Systems, Lord Corporation, Neutrogena, Pitney Bowes, Rexam Graphics, Siemens, Three-Five Systems;

         Manman (VAX) Year 2000 upgrade project manager.

         Manman-Baan Data Migration project manager.


GENRAD, Manchester, UK  7/95

Conducted user training sessions for VAX MANMAN Manufacturing, Order Management, Purchasing, Serviceman and Engineer


PFIZER CENTRAL RESEARCH, Groton, CT  11/93 ‑ 2/95

Designing and developing data collection software to automate an assay instrument process.  Application meets GLP standards.  The application runs in Paradox for Windows, operating in a Windows for Workgroups/ Pathworks network environment.


CHIRON, Berkley, CA  08/93 ‑ 12/93

Coded major modifications to the DECForms‑based VAX MANMAN order entry routine TR,511.  Modifications included improvements to data entry logistics, new pricing logic, product availability checks and line‑by‑line staging.


ASK COMPUTER SYSTEMS, Mountain View, CA  05/93 ‑ 07/93

Worked on‑site with ASK design team to develop detailed design specifications for new Centralized Purchasing and Process a Purchase Order modules.  These functions became part of the version 10.0 release of VAX MANMAN.


SYMBOL TECHNOLOGIES, Bohemia, NY  1/93 ‑ 3/93

Analyzed client's requirements for a quality assurance system to interface with HP MANMAN.  Prepared a requirements document.  This document focuses on support of existing inspection functions and a new supplier certification program.


EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY, Rochester, NY  1/93 ‑ 5/93

Performed functional and detailed design analysis to meet client requirements for a Vendor Performance Reporting system.  Managed a team responsible for development and implementation of this system.


MATERIALS RESEARCH COMPANY, Congers, NY  11/92 ‑ 12/92

Prepared detailed design specifications for creation of a streamlined Material Receipt Transaction in support of the client's Just‑in‑Time implementation on HP MANMAN.


M&M MARS, Hackettstown, NJ  07/92 ‑ 10/92

Researched and prepared a document outlining the client's strategy  for data collection to support their VAX MANMAN installation.  Developed a work plan, identified outside vendor sources, determined data collection requirements.  Final document contains prioritized recommendations for data collection at all client plant sites.


REUTERS AMERICA, Hauppauge, NY  02/92 ‑ 10/93

Designed, developed and installed a project accounting system utilizing VAX MANMAN/Projects.  Provided user training and documentation.  Currently overseeing the addition of further client divisions into the project tracking scheme.



Support existing customer base.  Support user demonstrations for potential clients.  Intermittent work involves code maintenance, upgrades and documentation.  Supported VAX versions 7, 8, 9 and 10.


         Clients:  Data Translation, Lord Corporation, Organon Teknica



Managed team in creation of a PC‑based sales order front end to VAX MANMAN.  This front end consists of a Paradox application program linked via modem to a host VAX.  FORTRAN routines provide transaction upload and validation extracts.


In‑House Assignment  7/91

One half of team which produced the VAX Work Order Backflush add‑on module.  This software product is marketed by SE Technologies.


EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY, Rochester, NY  6/91 ‑ 12/92

Managed a team in significant enhancements to existing receiving and inspection system.  Included are modules for determining vendor quality and on‑time performance.  The system now provides full visibility of material in inspection, and interface to a quality management software (QMS) package.


KITCHEN CRAFT of CANADA, Winnipeg, Manitoba  6/91

On‑site custom report writing and assistance during go‑live for OMAR invoicing.  Managed conversion of custom document printing routines from VAX MANMAN version 7.0 to 8.0.


VICKERS SYSTEMS, Plymouth, Devon  5/91

On‑site MANMAN conversion from HP to VAX.  Used UDMS routines to move and condition data files.  Primary focus on meeting strict conversion time deadline, and completeness of data transfer.


FMC (UK), Dunfermline, Scotland  11/90 ‑ 5/91

Wrote a shop floor labor and material data collection system.  Used bar‑coded documents to track work orders from kit to final operation.  Installed system, trained management and operators in its use.  Managed all client‑site implementation and post‑delivery support.  This system now provides up‑to‑the‑minute order visibility for planners, production and customer service staff, as well as accurate dispatch lists for shop floor operators.  Primary focus on ease of use and system reliability.  Interface with VAX MANMAN.



As part of on‑site team, performed HP MANMAN conversion from version 3.2 to 7.0.


HAUNI RICHMOND, Richmond, VA  8/90 ‑ 9/90

Managed development of a group of cost accounting programs.


EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY, Rochester, NY  5/90 ‑ 8/90

Wrote modules for a custom receiving and inspection system.  Managed testing and installation of all modules at client site, as well as post‑delivery client support.  Primary focus on usability and functionality.  Environment is VAX MANMAN.


POLAROID (UK), Dumbarton, Scotland  12/89 ‑ 03/90

Wrote a VAX MANMAN interface to client's existing inventory lot allocation system.  Used batch commands to track all inventory movements.  Primary focus on minimizing application run time.


HAUNI RICHMOND, Richmond, VA  8/89 ‑ 11/89

Wrote a shop floor labor/payroll data collection system.  Used bar‑coded documents to track labor hours and update VAX MANMAN.  Managed testing and installation of all modules at client site.  Primary focus on data accuracy.


Minor project roles  2/89 ‑ 7/89