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Jan 12, 2007:

All religions that arose prior to Jesus’ life on earth are precursors to him – imperfect premonitions of his coming; premature expressions of the ingrained yearning of the spirit woven into our DNA, that is, the yearning for oneness with God.  This explains the similarity in mythologies and religions of ancient civilizations.  All other religions that have arisen after Jesus are mere perversions of the truth.




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Here’s an excellent on-line bible search tool.  I use it often:  Bible Gateway


Also:    www.crosswalk.com  

Also:  http://www.blueletterbible.org 

Answer your bible questions:  http://www.gotquestions.org


Dictionary/Encyclopedia from ChristianAnswers.net




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see my favorites links



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See Freedom In Christ Ministry’s page “Who I Am In Christ”:  I am Accepted.  I am Secure.  I am Significant.

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www.christianitytoday.com - Billy Graham’s magazine.  Look for a link to news & editorials



Start “The Accessibility Project”:  Read classics (ex. St. Thomas Aquinas) and translate/summarize for modern readers.  Something like 6-10 pages for each book – chapter by chapter noting the key bits.


History of the tribes:  Ammonites, Edomites, Hittites, etc.  Use the crosswalk bible search tools


Finish my “Wilderness Eucharist” project & post on-line (put it here, and on Wikipedia, where others can amend?).





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