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Army Aviation Sites
 10th Aviation Brigade
Fort Drum, NY (UH-60, OH-58D)

 18th Aviation Brigade, XVIII ABN CORPS 
Fort Bragg, NC (UH-60, CH-47)

 82d Aviation Brigade
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

101st Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division
Fort Campbell, Kentucky

 159th Aviation Regiment 
Fort Campbell, Kentucky  

 4th Aviation Brigade, 4th Infantry Division 
Fort Hood, Texas (OH-58D(I),UH-60, AH-64)

 1st Aviation Brigade "Golden Hawks" 
Fort Rucker, Alabama

 4th Squadron, 2D Armored Cavalry Regt
Fort Polk, Louisiana (OH-58D(I), UH-60)

 4th Squadron, 3D Armored Cavalry Regt
Fort Carson, Colorado (OH-58D(I),UH-60, AH-64)

1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry
"Desperados" Buedingen, Germany(OH-58D(I))

1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry
"Quarterhorse" Schweinfurt, Germany(OH-58D(I))

3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment 
Ft Hood, TX (OH-58D(I), M1, M3) 

1st Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment 
Ft Hood, TX (OH-58D(I), M1, M3) 

E Troop, 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment 
Fort Stewart, Georgia OH-58D(I) 

4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment 
Camp Stanton, Korea OH-58D(I) 

1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment 
Fort Hood, Texas OH-58D(R) 

1st Battalion, 10th Aviation Regt(ATK)
Fort Drum, New York OH-58D(I) 

 1st Squadron, 17 Cavalry Regiment 
Ft Bragg, NC (OH-58D(I), HUMMV) 

 3rd Squadron, 17 Cavalry Regiment 
Ft Drum, NY (OH-58D(I), HUMMV) 

1st Battalion (ATK), 82d Aviation Regt
Fort Bragg, NC OH-58D(I)

 C Company, 1-185th Aviation
Mississippi National Guard 

2d Battalion, 2d Aviation Regiment
"Wild Cards" 
Camp Stanley, Korea (UH-60) 

2nd Battalion, 82d Aviation Regiment
Fort Bragg, North Carolina (UH-60) 

5th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment
Fort Campbell, KY (UH-60) 

9th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment
Fort Campbell, KY (UH-60) 

5th Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment 
Giebelstadt, Germany(UH-60, CH47) 

1/222 Aviation Regiment 
Fort Eustis, Virginia 

1-228th Aviation Battalion 
Soto Cano, Honduras (UH-60, CH-47) 

1st Bn, 25th Aviation Regiment
K-16 Airbase, Korea (UH-60, C-12) 

12th Aviation Battalion 
Military District of Washington (UH-60, UH-1) 

78th Aviation Battalion 
Camp Zama, Japan (UH-1,UH-60, C-12, UC-35) 

601st Aviation Support Battalion
Katterbach, Germany

Spanish Helicopter School Battalion 
Fort Rucker, Alabama 

C Co, 2-227 1st Cavalry Division 
Fort Hood, Texas (UH-60) 

A Company, 2-25 Aviation Regiment 
Hawaii (UH-60) 

B Company, 2-25 Aviation Regiment 
Hawaii (UH-60) 

C Company, 2-25 Aviation Regiment 
Hawaii (UH-60) 

236th Medical Company, Air Ambulance Updated
Landstuhl, Germany (UH-60) 

82 Medical Company (MAST)
Fort Sill, Oklahoma (UH-1) 

Eagle Team Combat Aviation Trainers
Fort Irwin, California 

28th Aviation Brigade
Pennsylvania National Guard 

1-137 Assault Battalion
Ohio National Guard 


 21st Cavalry Brigade
Fort Hood, Texas

 6th Cavalry Brigade
Camp Humphreys, Korea AH-64

 Aviation Brigade, 25th ID Tropic Lightning 
Hawaii (OH-58D(I), UH-60)

 11th Aviation Regiment
Illesheim, Germany (AH-64)

 12th Aviation Regiment
Wiesbaden, Germany

 1st Battalion, 1st Aviation Regiment "Gunfighters" 
Ansbach, Germany (AH-64)

 1st Battalion, 2d Aviation Regiment "Strike Deep" 
Camp Page, Korea (AH-64)

 1st Battalion(Attack), 3rd Aviation Regiment 
Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia (AH-64)

 1st Battalion, 4th Aviation Regiment "Dragons" 
Fort Hood, Texas (AH-64)

 1-227 Attack 
Ft Hood, Texas AH-64D Longbow

 3-229th Aviation Regiment "The Flying Tigers" 
Fort Bragg, North Carolina (AH-64)

 8/229th Aviation Regiment
"The Flying Tigers"(USAR) Fort Knox, Kentucky (AH-64)

 1st Battalion, 501st Aviation Regiment updated
"The Flying Dragons" Hanau, Germany (AH-64)

 2nd Battalion, 502d Aviation Regiment
"First to Know" Mannheim, Germany

 C Company 8th Battalion, 101 Aviation Regiment 
Fort Campbell, Kentucky (AH-64) 

C Troop, 3d Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment  
"Ruthless Riders", Korea (AH-64)

385th Attack Regiment "Redhorse"
Arizona Army National Guard (AH-64, UH-60, OH-58A)

5th Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment  
"Knight Raiders", (AH-64)

211th Attack Helicopter Battalion
"Panthers", Utah Army National Guard (AH-64)

C Company, 159th Aviation Regiment Updated
"Flipper", Fort Bragg, NC (CH-47) 

B Company, 214th Aviation Regiment
"Hillclimbers", Wheeler AAF, Hawaii (CH-47) 

160th SOAR, Nightstalkers
Fort Campbell, Kentucky

 1-14th Avn Regt 
Ft Rucker, Alabama (AH-64, OH-58D, AH-1, CH-47)

 1-212th Avn Regt 
Ft Rucker, Alabama (TH-67, OH-58, UH-1)

 1-223d Avn Regt 
Ft Rucker, Alabama

 211th Aviation Group 
Utah National Guard

 1st Squadron/158th Cavalry 
Maryland National Guard, (AH-1/UH-60) 

B Troop 1/158th Cavalry 
Maryland National Guard, (AH-1) 

1-124 Air Cavalry 
Texas Air National Guard (AH-1) 

1st Battalion, 135th Aviation
Missouri National Guard 

C Co 1-14 AVN (Assault)
Missouri National Guard 

1st Battalion, 169th Aviation Regiment
Connecticut National Guard 

2-224th Aviation Battalion
Virginia National Guard 

1/151 Aviation Battalion
South Carolina National Guard 

1st Battalion, 108th Aviation 
Kansas National Guard (UH-60)

 A Company, 1/108th Aviation Battalion 
Kansas National Guard (UH-60)

C Co, 2-135 Aviation Regiment
Iowa National Guard 

 A Co, 1-112th (LUH)
North Dakota National Guard (UH-1)

 F Company, 142nd Aviation Battalion 
New York National Guard (UH-60)

B Company, 1-142nd Aviation Battalion 
New York National Guard (AH-1F)

D Company, 1-140 GSAB 
California National Guard (UH-60)

104th Medical Company(AA) UH-60
Maryland National Guard 

49th Aviation Brigade
Texas National Guard 

Aviation Brigade, 34th Infantry Division
Minnesota National Guard 

Aviation Brigade, 38th Infantry Division
Indiana National Guard 


Navy/Marine Helicopter Sites
HC-4 "Black Stallions" Sicily, Italy (MH-53E)

 HM-14 "Dragons"

 HMLA-775 "Coyotes" Camp Pendleton, CA (AH-1W, UH-1N)


HCS-5 "Firehawks"Point Magu, California (HH-60H)

 HSL 47 "Saberhawks"San Diego, California (SH-60B)

 HSL 49 "Airwolves"(SH-60B)


Air Force Helicopter Sites
Links to Foreign Military Helicopter related sites on the Web
British Air Force

 Canadian Air Force

 Royal Australian Air Force

 Indian Air Force

 Belgian Army Aviation

 298 Squadron (CH-47D)
Royal Netherlands Airforce

 Armée de Terre France


 Russian Air Force

 3rd Squadron, Spanish Marine Corps

 Polish Army Aviation

 15th Aviation Brigade, Slovenian Army

 299 Squadron (BO-105, Alouette)
Royal Netherlands Airforce

 301st Squadron (AH-64)
Royal Netherlands Airforce

 Austrian Armed Forces


Links to Industry Helicopter related sites on the Web
Bell Helicopters
Home of the OH-58D(I) Kiowa Warrior

 Boeing Helicopters
Home of the RAH-66 Commanche/CH-47 Chinook


Sikorsky Helicopters
Home of the UH-60 Blackhawk

 McDonnell Douglas Helicopters
Home of the AH-64 Apache


Links to Helicopter Photo/Image related sites on the Web
Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univ, Photo Archives 
UH-1, UH-60, CH-47, OH-6, AH-1, AH-64 etc

 TOTAVIA Picture Archives
AH-64, AH-1, UH-60, UH-1 etc

All the World's Helicopters Photo Archive
Good Foreign Aircraft Collection

The Rotorhead
Great site with more than just photos

American Helicopter Society (AHS) Photo Archive
AH-64, AH-1, UH-60, UH-1 etc 

Scott's Helicopter Page
AH-64 and more

 James Madison University (ROTC) 
Military Equipment Links, AH-64, etc

Helispot - Good Collection
UH-60, UH-1, CH-47, OH-58D(I), etc

Miscellaneous Links to other Helicopter related sites on the Web
 OH-58D(I)Kiowa Warrior Program Manager

  UH-60 Blackhawk Program Manager

 TACOM-ACALA Army helicopter and weapons descriptions

 U.S. Army Aviation Museum Fort Rucker, Alabama

 Program Executive Office (PEO) Army Aviation 

NASA AMES Aeroflightdynamics Directorate


 Bob's OH-58D Maintainers Page

Friends of Army Aviation

 U.S. Army Attack Helicopters, A Crew Chief's View

 The Helicopter History Site


 Airborne Mine Countermeasures Assoc

 DUSTOFF Association

AH-64 Apache Program Manager

 Directorate of Combat Developments / CH-47  

 Army Aviator Home Page (Unofficial) 

 Army Aviation Heritage Foundation 

 American Helicopter Museum 

The Home of Rotorhead and Links to Canadian Helo Units

 Buddha's Pagoda, ACM - Helicopter Air-to-Air..

 Attack Online (AH-64)

 The Helicopter Page

 Ken's UH-60 Site

 The UH-60 Study Hall

 The AH-64 Info Web-site (Unofficial)

 ACH-47 "Guns-a-Go-Go"

 CH-47 "Chinook" Crewmembers Site

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