Standardization and Reference Information on the Internet

Directorate of Evaluation and Standardization 
FORSCOM Aviation 
EUSAEUR Standardization / CASSD 
 United States Army Aeronautical Services Agency 
 Night Vision Device Lab 
  • NVG messages
  • Inspection checklist.  
 Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) 
Federal Aviation Regulations Part 1 - 199 direct from the Federal Aviation Administration.  No searchable database, but all of the information is available.  


  FAA Order 7110.65L Air Traffic Control 
Air Traffic Control Handbook online for all the IFE's.   



Airmans Information Manual - Online 
Includes a searchable index of information and  the  
 Army Doctrine and Training Library 
Field Manuals On-Line.  Some FM's are unrestricted others will require you to register with ADTL for the equivalent of a library card with ID and password. Well worth it...  
Sunset/Sunrise, Moon Illumination (Naval Observatory) 

Data to include Moon rise, set, phase and illumination.     

Automated Gunnery Programs 

Author has developed free downloadable software for Gunnery scoring and tracking    

Geomagnetism and Magnetic Declination 
Every thing that you ever wanted to know about Magnetic Declination and then some. Brought to you from the folks at NOAA.  
 The Aviation Formulary 
Almost every formula that you can think of involving aviation operations.  Conversions, distance between points, Lat/Long given radial and distance, E6B functions and much more.  

 United States Army Safety Center 
Risk Management, Current Trends, Statistics, Media and Pubs, and an overview of the Army Saftey program
 Safety Virtual Office 
Reference material,  class outlines, SOP's, just about any type of information
 Program Manager Aircrew Integrated Systems 
Current Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) Messages

 PM Magazine 
Information on proper equipment usage or correct maintenance procedures for that component.
 DOT's Office of Hazardous Materials Safety 
Rules, publications,HAZMAT Enforcement, etc. Great site for the unit HAZMAT Officers.

 Hazardous Material Information System 
Technical Support Requests: They provide Transportation Information, HCC Codes, Labels, and answers to Hazardous Materials questions for all DLA managed items.
 Defense Automated Visual Information System/ Defense Instructional Technology Information System (DAVIS/DITIS) 
Site contains the searchable listings and descriptions of thousands of audiovisual (AV) productions and interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) products used by the Department of Defense (DoD)
Magazines on the Internet
 Rotor and Wing Magazine Rotor Magazine
 Defence Systems Daily Jane's Defence Weekly
 Aviation Week and Space Technology Air and Space Smithsonian 
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