My latest, and most expensive, branch of custom work. I've barely started with these, and they each take a while to create, so this section will grow very slowly. But this is what I've got so far...

Staring off with some relatively easy customs first, nothing I haven't seen done by others before me. And all useing the Sideswipe/Red Alert mold. I'm going to give these guys names, and of course Tech Specs
"All Black Sideswipe"-

I've seen this one done by others a couple dozen times, swapping parts between the black and red G2 Sideswipe and his red and black G1 predecessor to get an all black Decepticon car. Going to get some labels from to complete him... after I do some more paint touchups. This guy was in pretty sorry shape.

"All Red Sideswipe"- Usually the byproduct of a black Sideswipe, but I took mine a step further than I've seen pthers do, and swaped all of the red parts out of a Red Alert to make a truely all red has lables most people are using on their version of this toy, which gives it a Hot Rod look. I will probably use that kit as well, painting some sections of him yellow or orange to better compliment the design. Still haven't decided yet.
"Evil Red Alert"- Okay, they sharp eyed Transfan can tell what I've swapped out on this guy. If not, reffer to the link above. I intend to remove most of his existing lables and recolor him as an evil police cruiser.

I also have plans and parts for a couple of "Seeker" 'Con Jets, some repainted knock offs, maybe even some Action Masters. This is all cash flow permitting of course.

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