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As a resident of the Atlanta metro area, I was thrilled when Atlanta won the bid to host the 1996 Olympic Games. As an N Scale modeler I was then quite disappointed when no N Scale model railroad manufacturers produced any model railroad rolling stock or engines with the Atlanta Olympic logos to celebrate this great event. As a result, I decided that I would have to create my own Olympic Train in N Scale if I was to satisfy the desire I had.

Fortunately for me, the logos for the Atlanta Olympic games recently became available commercially from Microscale. This has aided my modeling effort a lot. Unfortunately, there was little to no prototype trains that had the Atlanta Olympic logos on it. This has meant that I had to create my own "Fantasy" scheme for an Olympic Sponsor train. The premise of the "Fantasy" scheme is to create a train that has at least one piece of rolling stock for each Atlanta 1996 Olympic sponsor, that has both the Atlanta Olympic logo and the Olympic sponsor's logo on it. Since not all Olympic sponsor's have their logos available in commercial decals, I am having to make my own decals on an Alps MD-1300 printer for the missing sponsor logos.

Shown on this web page are pictures of my Olympic Train as of the January 1999 Atlanta Greenberg Train show. As I complete new pieces of rolling stock, I will be adding their pictures to this web page. Please check back from time to time to see my progress in completing this project. Please also excuse the poor quality of the digital pictures. I took the pictures at the last minute before the Atlanta Greenberg Show in January with my 35mm camera. I had Kodak do a 'picture' disk when the pictures were developed. The hard copy pictures came out great, but the digital pictures were all too dark and of poor quality. When I get time, I will take new photos with my own digital camera and post those on this page. The current digital pictures really don't show all of the detail and small lettering on the cars.

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The Engines

I have made models of three engines for my Olympic Train. The first engine is a Kato C44-9W that is painted for the Olympic Torch Relay with road number 1996. This paint scheme really existed and was on a pair of Union Pacific SD40-2 engines numbers 1896 and 1996. Since no N Scale Manufacturer makes a decent N Scale SD40-2, I decided to put the paint scheme on a C44-9W engine, which I felt is where it belongs.

The second engine is an Atlas/Kato GP30 that is also painted in the Olympic Torch Relay paint scheme.

The third engine is a "Fantasy" paint scheme and is on a Kato RSD12 engine. I also lettered this engine for Norfolk Southern, which is the primary road that I model. This engines features a Torch Relay graphic of runners passing a torch on the high short hood.

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The Box Cars

The box cars are all done on Micro Trains brand rolling stock. I used the five main colors, in the Olympic rings, as accent colors on the sponsor box cars. I tried to match the accent color to that sponsor's logo color. That is why the Coca-Cola car is red, the IBM car is blue, the Kodak car is yellow, etc.

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The Tank Cars

The tank cars are based upon models manufactured by Tomix. I converted them to American prototypes and converted the couplers to MicroTrain brand. So far there are only two tank cars. The first one is a tank car with the Texaco logo. The second tank car is decorated for Kodak chemicals.

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The Caboose

The caboose is based upon a model manufactured by Atlas. After this picture was taken, I converted the couplers to MicroTrain brand. This coupler conversion was harder to do than the entire paint and decal job on the car.

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The Trailers

The trailers are based upon models manufactured by Micro Trains. Once again these are "Fantasy" schemes that I feel should have existed. I intend to use these on some TOFC cars that I have yet to paint. I am currently thinking of writing an article, for submission to several different magazines, on upgrading Micro Train and Atlas trailers. I may just also include the pictures of the Olympic trailers as examples of what can be done on custom painting. Please notice that I painted the wheel centers, mud flaps, tail lights, side marker lights, top & bottom frames, and the front equipment areas on the trailers. Little details make the model much more believable.

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I am looking for good electronic versions of the corporate logos for Olympic sponsor companies such as Home Depot, NationsBank, Motorola, John Hancock, Panasonic, UPS, BMW, General Mills, Budweiser, Swatch, Visa, AT&T, Textron, Bausch& Lomb, and McDonalds. These are just a few of the sponsor companies that I need to create cars to represent them in my Atlanta Olympic Train. If you can provide any of these corporate logos in electronic form, please contact me.

Thanks for visiting my web site and please come back often. If you have any comments or information, please contact me.

Clifford Martin
Alpharetta, GA 30004
Telephone: (770) 664-9819

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