Fans Traumatized as Evenings Across the Country are Ruined

Well, this SUCKS NUTSSSSS, and although I've known about it for a while, since May 16, I wanted to wait a bit to see if it was all true before coming here with an official "Unofficial DWW" scoop.

This is not a joke, or a prolonged vacation for our main man, as S@H home confirmed, through email and on the phone with numerous sources, that Diggidy Don be gone.

What's he doing now? I don't know. But I bet he's taking a nice deep sea fishing vacation somewhere, slamming down some ice cold Buds with shots of JD on the side while reeling in some Mahi Mahi or a big ass Marlin.

Where's he going next? That I don't know either. Maybe he'll cross over to one of the other shopping channels. Maybe he'll get that baseball color man radio gig that he dreams about and always wanted.

Maybe we'll see him work his way into the WWF as a manager or color commentator, hittin the mic about how we're "not going to believe the ass whoppin" that one of his wrasslers is "going to put down on you're nutzzzz".

Whatever the case, wherever he's at, wherever he winds up, please keep it alive and have support ready, as the man provided so many evening hours of entertainment and unbelievable deals to us all.

I've sent some of you the story that I had posted on one of the news forums, but I've got a copy up HERE to try to keep things contained so everyone isn't scouring the net for vapor-info.

Kenny Marks is NOT Kenny Goldin

I do hope that every realizes that Kenny Marks, who sells all kinds of electronics, computers, fitness and health and beauty goodies for SAH, IS NOT KENNY GOLDIN!

I received email from Kenny Marks about this, as he has been receiving misdirected contacts from people confusing him with Mr. Goldin, asking for any help that I could give.

Kenny Marks did work with Diggidy Don for a short stretch a few years back, in 1998, but that was on air. When that pairing changed and Kenny Marks shifted shows/products, some people apparently thought that Mr. Marks picked up the phone in the back office and became Ken Goldin, since he was no longer on the air with Don.

That's simply not true.

We're all familiar with the bad beef blood that some collectors have with Mr. Goldin. That should not be thrown at Kenny Marks at all. So if you do have them confused, and have been sending Kenny Marks any emails or letters that are directed at Ken Goldin, please stop.

Consider it a favor to me, and your duty to Don, to not get the Kenny's mixed up.

As I know how a lot of the collectors out there really want to kick his ass, I personally wouldn't want any of that Ken Goldin vibe on me. Would you?

In case this last part hasn't been repetitive enough....


Please direct your Goldin anger somewhere more appropriate.

More stuff will be coming soon.....

Big Red


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