Dan Webster: Don's Saturday Night Live Doppleganger

Sometimes Don West fans flip the channel. Especially when they're waiting for the wee hours of the morning to arrive so we can flip over to the Shop@Home Network to see Da Man.

Many years ago we were all shocked to see a portrayal of our star on the beloved SNL. At the time, Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan were pushing a skit that hardly any of their viewers would understand...except those viewers who were 'in the know' about Diggidy Don and his on screen power!

Dan Webster (Ferrell) and Eddie Lewis (Kattan) provided unbelieveable deals to the shopper, offering everything up to Mark Hammil himself dressed as Luke Skywalker. They dealt unbelievably and let the viewers know that these incredible deals, going SO INCREDIBLY LOW, were actually taking food out of their mouths because they were just that good.

Anyone familiar with Don West immediately recognized the satire and fell to the floor laughing, buckling over in pain as the ultimate TV parody paid tribute to The Man.

Unfortunately for all of us, the skits went largely misunderstood and fell to a quick death as they were delivered to an audience who just didn't get the parody.

Well, I have scoured the electronic world trying to find any information on these lost treasures and have compilated for you what I have found so far. Please feel free, actually feel that it is your duty, to try to find the actual video/sound of this wonderful performance and send it to me so we can have a complete multimedia package on Dan Webster available here.

There is some speculation that Ferrel and Kattan actually used the names "Don West" and "Eddie Lewis" on the show. Sources have both the Don West and Dan Webster names listed while Eddie is always Eddie. For the purposes of the list below I will use the real "Don" name in reference to Will Ferrell.

Once again, anyone with an archive videotape of the following can clarify - as well as provide audio and video!

11.16.96 Robert Downey Jr. / Fiona Apple
Don West (Ferrell) & Eddy Lewis (Kattan) hard sell Shaq Plaque to home shoppers - Full Transcript

03.15.97 Sting / Veruca Salt
Don West (Ferrell) & Eddy Lewis (Kattan) put Mark Hamill [real] up for sale

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