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a true story about architecture, design, art and human nature in the 20th century

Germany, 1919: a group of young people meet in a small town on the cutting edge of a worldwide revolution in art, politics, design and architecture. They are destined to invent the future and rebuild the world; the Bauhaus is their knife.

Inspired by the genius of its celebrated artists and designers, the school generates tremendous heat and influence for fourteen stormy years - until Hitler seizes power in 1933. BAUHAUS IN AMERICA draws this dynamic story into the sweep of history, from the shanty towns of the Great Depression to the steel towers of the Millennium and beyond.

The film opens with three Americans - who were students there - reliving the day the Nazis closed the Bauhaus in Berlin. As the Bauhaus' leading designers are driven into exile, they transform the look of America's cities, interiors, design and art - and are profoundly transformed themselves in the process. Their success has consequences they could never have imagined in Germany.

The circle is closed, decades later, by American students creating a plan for 21st-century Berlin, pointing to a renaissance of Bauhaus ideas now that post-Modernism has sung its song. The Bauhaus is back where it began: in the hands of young people inventing the future and rebuilding the world.

BAUHAUS IN AMERICA presents some of the most compelling images and ideas of our time, revealed entirely through the work and opinions (candid and intensely personal) of the Bauhaus' survivors, enthusiasts, and sworn enemies.

The film highlights Bauhaus icons: Philip Johnson's glass house; the retreat built by Mies for Edith Farnsworth outside Chicago; and Gropius' own home near Boston -- and explores Bauhaus visions: Josef Albers' (Black Mountain College/Yale); and Moholy-Nagy's (New Bauhaus/Institute of Design).


Anni Albers, Edward Larabee Barnes, James Ingo Freed, Bertrand Goldberg, Michael Graves, Helmut Jahn, Sidney Janis, Philip Johnson, Gyorgy Kepes, I.M. Pei, Stanley Tigerman, and Tom Wolfe, author of From Bauhaus to Our House.




Producer/Director: Judith Pearlman
Producer/Director, The Idea of North (with Glenn Gould), PBS/CBC; Variations (with Leonard Bernstein, Pierre Boulez, Glenn Gould and Isaac Stern); Producer, Harkness Ballet: Triple Exposure, PBS.

Editorial Advisor: Paul Goldberger
former Chief Cultural Correspondent and Architecture Critic of The New York Times; Architecture Critic of The New Yorker, and author of The Skyscraper and On the Rise.

Cinematographers: Terry Hopkins / Mike Molloy, BSC
American Experience, American Masters, Brooklyn Bridge; 500 Nations, CBS / Clockwork Orange; The Hit; The Shout.

Animation/Titles: George Griffin
Lineage; Ko-Ko; Flying Fur; A Little Routine.


BAUHAUS IN AMERICA weaves together powerful images, ideas, social history, and the style of our most influential designers, artists and architects. Its visual language will continue to dominate the 21st-century landscape.


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