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A bunch of links to the esoteric and obscure -

Craig's Train Photos - My page of my railroad photography. No roster shots :) .
Roofer Madness! - My webpage of nothing but roof shots of prototype diesels.
NC DOT Power - Visit here to see my photos of the locomotives of the North Carolina Dept of Transportation, including the F59PHIs.
The Conrail Cyclopedia - Bob Waller's spectacular web site on the most recent of fallen flags, Conrail. An outstanding site with great photos and great info.
Motive Power Rosters - Craig Rutherford's list of motive power rosters - includes Class Ones, Shortlines, Lease Power and a big section on Helm Leasing power. You want rosters? He's got rosters.
The CSX Photo Archive - Dean Heacock's web site. Its goal is a photo of EVERY CSX locomotive of past and present, in as many paint schemes as possible. He's well on the way, with some 6200 photos on the site.
The Amtrak Photo Archive - Jim Hebner's fine page of Amtrak equipment photos - from the primordial E units to GG1s to Cabbage Cars to El Cap cars to Turbos to Pepsi Cans to well you get the idea...
ACL/SAL Historical Society - Visit here for info on the Society and a handful of photographs.
SMRF - Southeastern Model Railroaders Forum homepage - designed to maintain the informal organization that was expressed in the original SEMRA at Dartmouth list charter but that somehow got lost in mind games and human folly.
Flying Scotsman Hobbies - One of my favorite pushers, er, dealers - good reliable service.
The Buriton Wheelbarrow - Home Page of my friend Roger Morris, chockablock with photos of Indian and Chinese and other trains he's photographed.
Deuce Of Clubs - Funny. Ironic. Satirical. Inspired. A demonstrated aptitude for reasonable mayhem. The Mojave phone booth. Amy Grant's Mandible. Just go there.
Rail in India - Bharat Vohra's and Siddharth Joshi's very thorough look at the motive power of the Indian Railways. Very well done. They still build Alcos in India too.
The Indian Train Gallery - Over 115 photographs of both broad and metre gauge railways in India by Sundar Krishnamurthy. NICE pages...
rec.models.railroad - newsgroup for model railroaders. This link moved simply to screw with Joe's head again. :-)
HMRS - The Home Page for All UK Rail Enthusiasts.
Char Grill - What can I say - Raleigh's original flame cooked honkin' great hamburgers, french fries and implode-yer-eyeballs-thick milkshakes. Mercy!

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