The Gods of Mexico
The Gods of Water
Tlaloc - God of Rain, Lord of the Storm.
Ruler of the clouds and the rain, giver of water, ruler of the South. In honor of Tlaloc, to give him the strength he needs, the Aztecs sacrificed their most precious possessions, their children. Children with cowlicks in their hair were considered especially suitable for him.
Chalchihuitlicue - The Goddess of Lakes and Flowing Waters.
Chalchihuitlicue, "She of the Jade Skirts," presides over all rivers, streams, and lakes - all bodies of fresh water. Aztec children were baptized in her name. In her guise as Chimalma (Shield Hand), she was the mother of Quetzalcoatl when he was born as Ce Acatl Topiltzin.

She is said to be the wife of Tlaloc...

Huixtocihuatl - The Goddess of Salt and the Seas.
Huixtocihuatl, "Salt Woman," is honored by those who mine salt and those who make their living from the seas alike. Some say she is sister to Chalchihuiticue, some say she is sister to Tlaloc. I believe she is Chalchihuitlicue, in another guise.
The Tlaloques - Minor Rain Gods
Some say these are brothers to Tlaloc, but I believe they are his many children.