The Gods of Mexico
The Gods of Animals and Wild Places
Mixcoatl - Lord of the Hunt.
Mixcoatl, the "Cloud Serpent," is the Chichimec god - "Chichimecs" being people of the wild, natural men. The deer is sacred to him, as is the bow and arrow. Mixcoatl was the father of Ce Acatl Topiltzin, the avatar of Quetzalcoatl who founded the Toltec civilization. He is also known as Camaxtli, and was the special patron of the people of Tlaxcala.
Itzpapalotl - Lady of the Wild Things.
Itzpapalotl, "Obsidian Butterfly," is th female counterpart to Mixcoatl, sometimes said to be his sister. She is occasionally referred to as one of the Tzitzimeme, but I believe this identification to be an error.
Mimich and Xiuhnel - Companions to Mixcoatl
Mimich, "Arrow Fish," and Xiuhnel, "True Turquoise," were Mimixcoa (Cloud Serpents), Mixcoatl's companions in his conquest of the cities of the south.