The Gods of Mexico
The Gods of the Earth
Tepeyollotl - Heart of the Mountain.
The "Jaguar God," Protector and patron of mountains. Some say that Tepeyollotl is yet another guise of Tezcatlipoca, especially since Tezcatlipoca's Nagualis the jaguar and is, as well, known as the "Jaguar God." I must say, I am inclined to agree.

In the picture at right, you'll note that Tepeyollotl's left foot has been replaced by a mirror - and not only that, it's a smoking mirror. This is characteristic of Tezcatlipoca, he lost his foot in an ancient duel with the primal water-monster Cipactli.

Tlaltecuhtli - the Earth.
The earth, as opposed to Tonatiuh, the Sun. Tlaltecuhtli is often seen as a fantastic froglike creature with a fanged mouth from which a flint knife emerges. He represents the "devouring" aspect of the earth, the return of living things to the dust. Recent studies suggest Tlaltecuhtli may actually be Tlalcihuatl, a female rather than a male deity.