The Gods of Mexico
The Gods of Vegetation and Fertility
Xipe Totec - Our Lord the Flayed.
Ruler of earth and fertility, patron of the springtime, ruler of the East. In honor of Xipe Totec warriors, men and women, are sacrificed in gladiatorial combat. When they've given their service, their bodies were flayed (skinned) and a priest then wears the skin; this is called the "Garment of Gold."
  Xipe Totec
The Maize God. Though some would argue, I believe he is the same as Xipe Totec; as Xochipilli, God of Love and Flowers; and as Macuilxochitl, God of Games and Chance, the patron of gamblers.
Cihuacoatl - The Snake Woman.
Mother of mankind in her guise as Quilaztli, she is often referred to as Tonantzin, "Our Honored Mother." Cihuacoatl is the patroness of cities and civilzation; to her and to the Fire God Xiuhtecuhtli, men and women were sacrificed in the flames of the furnace. She is the patroness of childbirth, the teacher of midwifery and the ultimate midwife herself. To her women who die in childbed are sacred.
Xilonen - The Goddess of the Young Corn.
Xilonen personifies the young, just-ripening corn. Major celebrations were held in her honor, where young girls impersonating her give their service at the temples. A girl destined to be sacrificed was often called "Xilonen."
Chicomecoatl - The Goddess of the Crops and Grain.
Chicomecoatl, "Seven Snake," is the goddess of the crops when they've reached their fullness. Chicomecoatl is, I think, the same as Xilonen. Just older. As Ilamatecuhtli, she is older yet, representing the crop after harvest.
Xochiquetzal - The Goddess of Love and Flowers.
Husband of Xochipilli, Xochiquetzal - "Flower Plume" - the ruler of all things of beauty. She was the patroness of happy marriages and of prostitutes alike. She was sometimes referred to as "She Who Has a Snake Girt Round Her Loins." At her celebration in Tenochtitlan, the two loviest girls from a certain family were offered; in many places, some of the local prostitutes came forward voluntarily to be immolated for the principle of love.
Mayahuel - The Goddess of Pulque.
Mayahuel is the patroness of pulque and of all other intoxicants and hallucinogens as well. The maguey plant, from which pulque is made, is sacred to her. In partnership with Quetzalcoatl, Mayahuel introduced romantic love into the world. Always she sits on a maguey plant or on her Tortoise Throne, and she is sometimes said to have 400 (that is, uncountable) breasts.
Patecatl - The God of Medicine.
Mayahuel's husband, Patecatl is physician to the gods, the giver of herbal remedies, the teacher of surgical technique. He is, I think, the same as Ixtlilton, the "Little Black Face," the patron of health and curing technique.