Volume One in the Rise of the Sixth Sun series

by Graham Watkins

[Dark Winds cover]

The year is 1969; the Vietnam War is in full swing, and so are the protests on campus around the country. The orginal Woodstock took place this year, the counterculture of drugs and rock 'n' roll is at its peak.

At the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, things are no different. But psychology professor Elliot Collins has other things on his mind; his father has just died at age 52, and he must deal with the estate. As a small part of it, he finds an old faded photo, a picture of a girl in a swimsuit, a picture with a name: "Nikki." He seems obsessed with it, he cannot stop looking at it or thinking about it.

He tries to go on with his life, but Nikki and an address he found for her--in New York City--haunts his thoughts and dreams. Odd events begin to circle around him, he feels impelled to go to New York.

And there he meets Nikki, looking just as she did in the old photo. They become lovers, even though he discovers, to his dismay, that she works as a prostitute. As they become closer, and as the strange events keep occurring, he finds out that she is a follower of an old religion--the religion followed by the ancient Aztecs of Mexico. Events quickly cascade out of Elliot's control as he is pushed toward a destiny he cannot even imagine...

Dark Winds is available as an audio tape from The Reader's Chair.

Dark Winds has now been published as an e-book, from Coatl Books, and is available from Amazon.com.

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