Gaines Composite Fabrication Trailer Kit

An economical, highly developed, refined, convenient, and safe way of trailering your glider .

GCF Trailer Kit Description:

The Gaines Composite Fabrication (GCF) Trailer Kit provides the major components for a proven and convenient trailer for any glider of 15 M span or less. Over 40 examples of the GCF trailer are in regular use with excellent results. The finished trailer weighs less than 1000 lbs. Price for the GCF Trailer Kit is US $3990. This price does not include any glider-specific fittings. Fittings kits are available.

The trailer is a tube-type (not a clamshell) so it offers reliable watertightness and weather protection, even during derigging. It has a welded steel frame with torsion bar suspension and 13" wheels. The top is one-piece molded fiberglass with a polyester resin matrix (including a UV protectant additive) and a white gelcoat finish. It is reinforced with internal ribs for strength and rigidity. The inside dimensions are sized for practically any modern 15 M glider, and custom frames are available to give more height for longer chord wings, such as on vintage gliders. The front door is also molded fiberglass with a gelcoat finish and hinges up for access to a large storage area in the front of the trailer. The back door consists of a removeable door of molded fiberglass with a gelcoat finish. The shape is attractive and aerodynamic, and the trailer has proven to have excellent road manners and towability. It is very stable empty or loaded even at higher trailering speeds.

Fittings kits for Standard or 15 Meter Class gliders are available, or you can use your own fittings. Custom fittings development service is available for your unique glider.

For trailering a PW-5 it is recommended that you use the NH Aviation PW-5 Fittings Kit. These fittings are specially designed for the PW-5 and to be used with the GCF trailer. The design of these fittings addresses the problems presented by the unique PW-5 configuration, and results in a safe and convenient system for rigging, derigging, and trailering your PW-5.

How the Trailer Works:

The wing root goes into the trailer first, so you carry the lighter weight tip while rolling the wing into the trailer. Your wing root dollies roll into the trailer guided by tracks that you install on the floor of the trailer. The wing root engages into your braces in the front of the trailer. The wing leading edge near the tip sits in a padded channel you install on the floor of the trailer. The wingtips are held in place with straps and fold-up ramps or by other means.

The fuselage is slid into its dolly on a ramp you install. The fuselage on the dolly is pushed up the ramp into the trailer where it is guided by tracks you install on the trailer floor. The nose engages into your nose dock, and the tail of the fuselage is strapped down once inside the trailer.

The horizontal tail is held in its support frame in a vertical orientation on the floor of the trailer beside the aft fuselage.

GCF Trailer Kit Parts List:

Additional components and materials are required to complete the trailer. Cost for these additional parts is approximately US $700 or less.

Detailed instructions are provided to assist you in assembling your trailer.

Price and Availability:

Price for the GCF Trailer Kit is US $3990. A $2000 deposit is required upon ordering a trailer kit. The balance is due when the kit is ready to deliver.

The trailer kit is roadable as delivered, so you can pick it up at our facility in Atlanta, Georgia, load the other components, and (with the addition of a temporary registration and lights) tow it home. Please note that this is a PARTIAL KIT. Included are all the parts that a normal home mechanic would find difficult or inconvenient to find or fabricate. The trailer kit has been designed for simple assembly and can be completed in minimal time with commonly available additional components and hardware and simple hand tools. You should be able to complete the trailer in less than one month of weekend work, approximately 100 manhours or less.

For you real do-it-yourselfers, you can build or modify your own trailer chassis and purchase one of our one-piece molded fiberglass top shells for US $2350. This includes the front and rear doors, all associated hardware to install doors, and custom aluminum extrusions to facilitate top shell installation.

Also available are rolling chassis, primed, on the axle ready to trailer (not including lights) for US $1650.

Finally, a standard internal fittings and dolly kit is available for US $850, designed to support most Standard or 15 M Class gliders in the GCF Trailer.

Finally, a standard internal fittings and dolly kit is available for US $850, designed to support most Standard or 15 M Class gliders in the GCF Trailer.

Contact us for other available options.

"We think that this is the best domestic US trailering system available, and is comparable in convenience to the best of the German factory trailers. The GCF trailer has been proven over five years and more than 40 examples in active service. You can be confident that it will trailer your glider safely without damage and provide you with easy and convenient rigging and derigging when you get to the field."

Paul A. Gaines

February 1, 1999

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