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Books about Spokane and Eastern Washington History

This is intended to be a list of books currently in stock and we strive to keep it up-to-date.  It is, however, possible that we have just sold our last copy of a title.  We are happy to confirm availability and give additional information either by phone, e-mail or at our store.

Selected sub-lists:  Mostly Spokane   Small Town History

120 Years of Inland Northwest Sports Greater Spokane: A Region of Champions and Championship Stories    Bill Elston Walsworth Publishing, 2000 208pp hard new 26.95
Biography of Fred Lundin: Swede Pioneer  Grant Lundin Ye Galleon Press, 1990 48pp paper new 5.95
Breaking Blue How one man's hunt through a half century of police cover-ups unlocked the secret behind the nation's oldest continuing murder investigation   Timothy Egan Sasquatch Books, 1996 267pp paper new 14.95
The Case of Spokane Garry   The story of Spokane Garry, Chief of the Spokanes. William S. Lewis Ye Galleon Press, 1987 139pp hard new Currently out of stock
A Chapter from the Life of a Pioneer Teacher Miss West came to Colfax, Washington Territory 1878 and had a long career as a teacher and principal in eastern Washington. Leoti L. West Ye Galleon Press, 1986 22pp paper new 4.95
Kirtland Cutter Architect in the Land of Promise      Filled with vintage photographs, plans, descriptions and analysis. Henry C. Matthews University of Washington Press, 1998 438pp hard new 60.00
The Davenport Hotel  Photos and stories of the Davenport Hotel, Spokane, Washington. Nostalgia Nostalgia, 2002 46pp paper new 8.95
Dear Old Nat... Spokane's Playground  A detailed history of Spokane's Natatorium Park.  Includes many photographs. Marla L. Hyder and Donald R. Johnson and Nostalgia Magazine Nostalgia, 2003 143pp paper new 24.95
Clarence C. Dill The Life of a Western Politician Biography of Clarence C. Dill (b. 1884) who was instrumental in drafting the Federal Communications Act of 1934 and lobbying for Grand Coulee Dam    Kerry E. Irish WSU Press, 2000 252pp paper new 22.95
Downtown Spokane Images, 1930 - 1949 Carolyn Hage Nunemaker Nunemaker/National Color Graphics, 1997 175pp paper new 19.95
Eastern Washington's Vanished Gristmills and the Men Who Ran Them Smithsonian drawings, history  and use of Gristmills.  80 mills in eastern Washington by location and dates.  226 photos. Florence E. Sherfey Ye Galleon Press, 1978 334pp hard new 19.95
Exploring Spokane's Past   Tours to Historical Sites Barbara Fleischman Cochran Ye Galleon Press, 1984 80pp paper new 5.95
Farmington Remembered History of a Small Palouse Town Filled with Farmington history, stories, photographs and local family biographies. Marshall Belshaw Shore Tornado Creek Publications, 2004 528pp hard new 49.95
Fort George Wright: Not only Where the Band Played  History of Fort George Wright illustrated with historical photos and 2 maps. Bette Meyer Ye Galleon Press, 1995 132pp  paper new 14.95
Grand Coulee Harnessing a Dream   A comprehensive history of the dam's construction and its importance to Pacific Northwest History.   Paul C. Pitzer WSU Press, 1994 505pp. paper new 24.95
Green Bluff's Heritage History of the Greenbluff area located northeast of Spokane, including a number of pioneer family histories. Jadee Hogue, Anna Magaret Kalhr & Mae Turner Ye Galleon Press, 1984 518pp hard new 19.95
Going to Washington State A Century of Student Life A Washington State University Centennial History William L. Stimson WSU Press, 1989 302pp hard new 24.95 currently out of stock
Golf History of Spokane, Washington Bill Elston Walsworth Publishing 192pp hard new 19.98
Grand Coulee Harnessing a Dream    Paul C. Pitzer WSU Press, 1994 504pp paper new 24.95
Heritage From Heroes Spokane's Dreamers & Builders Spokane's history told through the individuals buried in it's major cemetaries. Dorothy Rochon Powers Fairmount Memorial Association, 1993 250pp hard  new (signed) 6.00
History of Newport, Washington  Tony Bamonte & Suzanne Schaeffer Bamonte Tornado Creek Publications, 1998 96pp hard new 18.95
History of Pend Oreille County  Tony Bamonte & Suzanne Schaeffer Bamonte Tornado Creek Publications, 1996 271pp hard  new 29.95
History of Sprague, Lamont and Edwall Several hundred histories of pioneer eastern Washington families.  photographs Ye Galleon Press, 1982 926pp hard new Currently out of stock
A Homesteader and His Son  Eastern washington pioneer history and the history of the Spokane Federal Land Bank. Alexander Joss Ye Galleon Press, 1990 278pp hard new 19.95
The Hutton Settlement A Home for One Man's Family Doris H. Pieroth The Hutton Settlement / WSU Press, 2003 278pp hard new 29.95
Incidents In the Early History of Pullman and the State College of Washington Reprint of 1922 printing. Thomas Neill Ye Galleon Press, 30pp paper new 7.50
Indelible Gifts The Story of a Twentieth Century American Family   The story of Sigvard & Beverly Hansen's life together in Wilber, Greenacres, Cowiche and Pasco, WA. Rob Woutat PCC, 1996 166pp paper new 14.95
Inland Empire D.C. Corbin and Spokane John Fahey University of Washington Press, 1965 270pp hard used
Liberated Woman and May Arkwright Hutton's 1900 novel The Coeur d'Alenes, A Tale of the Modern Inquisitions In Idaho James Montgomery Ye Galleon Press, 1985 406pp   paper new 11.95
Vachel Lindsay: Poet in Exile  Biography of Poet Vachel Lindsay including time he spent living in Spokane. Mildred Weston Ye Galleon Press, 1987 94pp  hard new 14.95
Lionhead Lodge History of movie making in Spokane and along the shores of Priest Lake in Idaho about 1921. Lloyd Peters Ye Galleon Press, 1976 180pp paper new 8.95
Manito Park: A Reflection of Spokane's Past Tony Bamonte & Suzanne Schaeffer Bamonte Tornado Creek Publications, 1998 128pp hard new 21.95
The McGoldrick Lumber Company Story This story of  an important contributer to the Inland Northwest lumber industry is illustrated by historical  photos  and documents (industrial and personal) from a prominent Spokane business and family. Jim McGoldrick Tornado Creek Publications, 2004 288pp hard new 29.95
Millwood Washington Historic Walking Tour Bobbie Beese & Greg Mott Ye Galleon Press, 1997 32pp paper new 3.75
Miss Spokane: Elegant Ambassadors and Their City Tony Bamonte & Suzanne Schaeffer Bamonte Tornado Creek Publications, 352pp hard new 29.95
News For an Empire: The Story of the Spokesman-Review of Spokane, Washington, and of the Field It Serves Ralph E. Dyar Caxton Printers, 1952 494pp hard used 20.00
Orchard Prairie: The First Hundred Years 1879-1979   Kathryn Treffrey Highberg Ye Galleon Press, 1998 215pp paper new 14.95
Otis Orchards The First Fifty Years    Mary Hanley Berglund Ye Galleon Press, 1999 265pp paper new 15.95
Paradise in the Palouse History of the Palouse area Nancy M. Prevost Ye Galleon Press, 1986 55pp paper new 4.95
Pioneer Days at Tekoa Interviews with B. Williams, an early pioneer, who grew up near Tekoa, Washington. Photographs Bertha Engelland  Williams Ye Galleon Press, 1986 28pp paper new 4.95
Pioneer Days at Tekoa Bertha Engelland  Williams Ye Galleon Press, 1986 28pp paper used 3.00
Pioneer Families 1880-1940 Moab, Newman Lake, & Thompson Creek, Washington Peggy Laughlin Cunningham Pioneer Pages, 2002 291pp paper new 19.00
A Place Called Deep Creek    Pioneer life in Stevens County. Maureen Hern Ye Galleon Press, 1995 112pp paper new currently out of stock
Antoine Plante Mountain Man, Rancher, Miner, Guide, Hostler and Ferryman   Jerome Peltier Ye Galleon Press, 1983 49pp hard new 9.95
Police Files The Spokane Experience 1853-1995 Personal and Historical Accounts by a Career Staffer   M. Kienholz Millwood Publishing,1999 317pp hard new 34.95
curently out of stock
Postmarked Washington An Encyclopedia of Postal History, Volume I (Asotin, Spokane & Whitman)  This book of small town histories includes a special section listing all railway post offices in Washington State. Bert Webber Ye Galleon Press, 1987 365pp paper new 16.75
The Rainbow Seekers Stories of Spokane the Expo City and the Inland Empire Filled with historical stories and photographs. Editor Joseph C. Brown KXLY/Westcoast Publishing Co., 1974 128pp paper used 11.00
Reminiscences of James N. Glover Called the Father of Spokane. James N. Glover Ye Galleon Press, 1984 128pp paper new 9.95
Reminiscences of James N. Glover Called the Father of Spokane. James N. Glover Ye Galleon Press, 1984 128pp hard new 14.95
Saga of a Western Town... Spokane  "A Collection of factual incidents and anecdotes relating to the pioneer past of the west's most friendly city, Spokane, Washington. Commemorating the Centenial Anniversary, 1972." Jay Kalez Lawton Printing,1972 136pp paper used 15.00
Shaping Spokane Jay P. Graves and His Times John Fahey University of Washington Press, 1994 144pp hard new 14.95
Sheriffs 1911-1989 A History of Murders in the Wilderness of Washington's Last County (Pend Oreille County)    Tony Bamonte Tornado Creek , 2002 251pp paper new 14.95
Sheriffs 1911-1989 A History of Murders in the Wilderness of Washington's Last County (Pend Oreille County)    Tony Bamonte Arthur H. Clark, 1995 251pp hard new 26.00
Singing Grass, Burning Sage Discovering Washington's Shrub Steppe a "celebration in photos and text of Eastern Washington's arid lands" a few vintage photos and many current, high quality color photos. Nature Conservancy of Washington Graphic Arts Center Publishing, 119pp paper new 19.95
Spokane and the Inland Empire: An Interior Pacific Northwest Anthology David H. Stratton WSU Press, 194pp paper new 17.95
Spokane and the Inland Northwest: Historical Images  This book is stuffed full of historic photos showing places and towns throughout the Inland Northwest. Tony Bamonte & Suzanne Schaeffer Bamonte Tornado Creek Publications, 336pp hard new 49.95
Spokane: A View of the Falls William Stimson American Historical Press, 1999 192pp hard new 29.95
The Spokane Aviation Story, 1910-1941  Originally published in 1982, this is a reissued edition containing new photographs and additional historical information. (286 photos and illustrations) James P. McGoldrick II Tornado Creek Publications, 243pp hard new 29.95
Spokane Corona  Eras & Empires Edmund T. Becher 


C.W. Hill, 1974 319pp hard used 16.50
Spokane Falls Illustrated  Originally published under the auspices of the Spokane Falls Board of Trade in 1889.  Facsimile reprint. Harry H. Hook & Francis J. McGuire Ye Galleon Press 62pp paper new 6.95
Spokane House 1810 - 1840 People of the Fur Trade  Short history with description of people and life at Spokane House. Friends of Spokane House Friends of Spokane House 14 pp paper new 5.00
The Spokane Valley Volume 1 A History of the Early Years    Florence Boutwell Arthur H. Clark Co., 2003 (third printing) 191pp hard new currently out of stock
The Spokane Valley Volume 2 A History of the Growing Years 1921-1945    Florence Boutwell United Lithographers, 2001 224pp paper new 23.00
The Spokane Valley Volume 3 Out in the Gravel  Includes misc. photos and stories and reprints a number of original sources.  Also includes a comprehensive index for all three volumes.    Florence Boutwell Arthur H. Clark Co., 2003 (second printing) 112pp paper new 23.00
The Spokane Valley Volume 4 The Naval Supply Depot at Velox    Florence Boutwell Arthur H. Clark Co., 2004 83pp hard new 20.00
Spokane's Legendary Davenport Hotel Tony Bamonte & Suzanne Schaeffer Bamonte Tornado Creek Publications, 2001 288pp hard new 34.95
Standards of Trade Columbia River 1824 - 1825 Lists the value of various provisions and articles in "Skins Made Beaver". Friends of Spokane House Friends of Spokane House 7 pp paper new 3.00
Under the clock The Story of the Crescent Department Store This book is illustrated with photos taken throughout the store's history. Donald R Johnson Apple Blossom Publishing 143pp paper new currently out of stock
The Way It Was According To Chick Growing Up on the Spokane Indian Reservation  Robert "Chick" Wynecoop Tornado Creek Publications, 2003 224pp paper new 14.95
Luke G. Williams American Entrepreneur A memoir by the father of the electronic sign industry. Luke G. Williams Trade Mark Press 206pp hard new 17.95